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Using A VNA As A Multipurpose Tool
By Josh Scala, Copper Mountain Technologies

When considering a VNA for applications like signal generation, spectral analysis, and power metering, it is important to take its architecture into account, such as the type of oscillator, receiver configuration, general oscillator specifications, and the time delay of the RF signal. 

Spotlight On Radar Technology
How To Improve Spurious Levels In Pulsed RF Amplifiers

This white paper is meant to assist designers in figuring out how to lower these spurious levels in order to improve system accuracy and reduce any potential negative effects.

Automotive Radars — Antenna Design, Integration, And Channel Modeling

Driving aid radar systems are critical to enabling key technologies in the development of autonomous vehicles. With the need to meet not only road safety applications, but parking assist functions as well, certain specifications must be maintained for the antenna to be integrated into the vehicle. 

Wideband Millimeter-Wave Signal Generation And Analysis

A set of multiple instruments is required to generate wideband digital modulated signals found in the V-band and above. This application note describes how to use R&S products for V-band signal generation and analysis up to 500 MHz modulation bandwidth, and how to expand modulation bandwidth up to 2 GHz. 

Addressing Phase Noise Challenges In Radar And Communication Systems

The most critical parameter in defining target acquisition for radar and spectral integrity in communication systems is phase noise. This application note discusses the importance of phase noise and what can be done to lessen its effects in microwave systems.

VNA Advances Meet Challenges Of Advanced Radar Systems

This column focuses on improvements made to VNA architectures and their importance in testing today‚Äôs more advanced radar systems.

Using Tantalum Hybrid Capacitors For High-Power Pulse Applications

High-power pulse applications require bulk capacitance, high currents, and fast response time for pulse forming. EVANSCAPS tantalum hybrid capacitors provide low ESR and high-power density for high current pulse power in phased array radars or laser drivers. 

Modular Instrumentation Amplifiers: PTCM Series

The new PTCM series of traveling wave tube (TWT) modular instrumentation amplifiers are used for a variety of applications including EMC/radiated immunity, communications, EW, radar, and RF component testing in the DC to 40 GHz frequency range, up to 50 kW. 

Field Intensity Calculation Tool

A.H. Systems offers a field intensity calculation tool to help in the calculation of field intensity levels required by certain specifications, required power amplifier and antenna combinations for new testing requirements, and safety (radiation hazard) or electromagnetic interference (EMI) effects.

Ka-Band Target Tracking Radar Sensor

This application note provides an overview of the monopulse principle and an improved technique for the application of target tracking systems.

Enabling Complex Radar System Design With An Integrated Framework

This application note illustrates key models and simulation capabilities in the NI AWR Design Environment software. Focus is on the Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) that enables radar system architects and RF component manufacturers to design, validate, and prototype a radar system.

GaN IC Die Handling, Assembly, And Testing Techniques

This white paper describes the storage and handling requirements for GaN IC chips, as well as recommended assembly and testing techniques for users. Guidelines are also provided to aid the user in the assembly of GaN IC die in a manner consistent with desired electrical performance.

Weather Radar Product Solutions

CPI Beverly delivers individual microwave components or a complete transmitter to meet specific application requirements. Available transmitters are designed to provide a range of output power options, custom user interfaces, and remote networking capabilities.

  Intelligence Analytics Summit | April 30 To May 2, 2018 | Washington, D.C.

The ability to streamline data from various sources, amongst several agencies, under critical time pressure is the reason why advancements in predictive and real-time analytics, modernizing infrastructure, as well as strengthening of storage capacities and bandwidths capacities has come to the forefront of the intelligence communities, and is why the second Intelligence Analytics Summit has become the must attended summit of spring.

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Operating Parameters To Consider When Choosing An Amplifier

In this video, Jeffrey Gibala, principal engineer for Corry Micronics, discusses what operating parameters one should consider when selecting an amplifier. He covers gain, operating frequency, output power level, efficiency, linearity, and noise level. Watch the video to learn more.

Bulletin Board
Simulation Driven Design For Efficient Electric Machines: What's New In FluxMotor 2018

The FluxMotor is a tool that can radically change how machines and electrical motors are designed with standard or customized parts, adding windings easily and quickly attributing materials before computing its performance. This webinar introduces new features available in the FluxMotor 2018, presents new tests available for the sine wave and square wave drive, the new macro function, and new parts in the Part Library.

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