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Featured Article
How Not To Run Hot: Overcoming Thermal Challenges In Wi-Fi Front End Designs (Part 1)
By Wayne Polonio, Qorvo

It can be hard to fully account for thermal management and affected parameters in wireless access points or customer premises equipment prior to FCC certification. This article is the first in a series that looks at the design challenges for Wi-Fi front end designs. Part 2 will cover coexistence and interference.

Spotlight On Wireless Technology/5G
Analog Advancements Make Waves In 5G Wireless Communications
By Ahmad Bahai, Baher Haroun, and Nikolaus Klemmer, Texas Instruments

5G wireless communication promises faster speeds, minimal latency, more connections, and lower power within the next few decades. However, many companies are still blazing trails on the technological path leading to these benefits. 

Defining A Channel Sounding Measurement System For Characterizing 5G Air Interfaces
By Keysight Technologies

This application note describes how to define a channel sounding measurement system with the use of a Keysight reference solution featuring fast measurement speed, MIMO sounding capabilities, and excellent measurement performance.

Wi-Fi Performance Simulation In A House With Two Routers

The following example investigates Wi-Fi throughput coverage in a house provided by 802.11ac routers operating at 5 GHz using an 80 MHz bandwidth. 

Noise Power Ratio Signal Generation And Measurement

There are many noise power ratio (NPR) measurement techniques used to test high-performance multi-carrier amplifiers. Rohde & Schwarz offers this application note to assist as a guide to generating NPR stimulus signals and to measure the resulting NPR of a device under test.

5G Coverage Mapping And Millimeter-Wave Testing With Anritsu Spectrum Master MS2760A Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer And TRX NEON MA8100A Signal Mapper

As the demand for mobile data and an increasingly connected world develop, the 4G network will struggle to keep up. 5G networks will provide wider channel bandwidths and greater data capacity than current 4G networks. 

DLI's Evolution To 5G Passive RF Components

DLI has over 40 years of experience in ceramic and thin film manufacturing with high permittivity and temperature-stable dielectric materials that allow for smaller products and higher selectivity in filtering applications. 

5G In Perspective: A Pragmatic Guide To What's Next

The world’s communications and other connected technologies are evolving rapidly toward 5G in the hope of bringing about new and exciting solutions for deep learning, artificial intelligence, and “ambient awareness.” 

40 GHz Matrix Switch For SATCOM And Wireless 5G Signal Routing

The JFW Model 50MS-367 is a 4 X 4 blocking matrix switch designed to operate in the DC to 40 GHz frequency range, and is ideally suited for SATCOM and wireless 5G signal routing applications. 

SENCITY Shield Antennas Presentation

The SENCITY Shield antenna platform operates in frequencies ranging from 380 to 6000 MHz and has high power capabilities up to 100 W and more. It features high RF power handling, small form factors, low visibility, and uniform signal distribution. 

Featured Multimedia
Overcoming Challenges In 5G Antenna Design, Radio Coverage, And Channel Analysis With FEKO And WinProp

Growth of mobile and wireless communications has increased the need for propagation modeling and network planning simulation.  This webinar will show how FEKO and WinProp can be used for the 5G antenna design, analysis of radio coverage, and channel statistics.

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Beamforming Simulations To Evaluate Opportunities And Challenges For 5G Millimeter-Wave And FD-MIMOO

In this webinar, Remcom uses Wireless InSite MIMO to simulate FD-MIMO systems and review some of the real-world challenges that beamforming systems face in their attempts to gather accurate channel state information that is critical to their success.

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SunAR Directional Antenna Systems (DAS)
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