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Making The Right Choices When Specifying An RF Switching System
By Pickering Interfaces

Designing RF switching systems can be dull, so the importance of designing one is often overlooked. However, designing a proper switching system is essential to operation of the rest of the testing system, so it is vital to make the right choices for a successful automation. This paper discusses the process of designing an RF switching system and covers the most important points of consideration for each application.

Engineering The Internet Of Things: Wearables And Medical Devices

This white paper discusses the value of simulation in medical wearable devices, and how it addresses the five major IoT challenges when implemented early within a product design cycle.

ANSYS, Inc. | MD&M East Booth 408
PCB Solutions for High-Reliability Applications

Dyconex is a division of MST that provides flex and flex rigidized, rigid-flex, and rigid printed circuit boards (PCBs) and packaging substrates for high-reliability medical implants like pacemakers, implantable monitors, infusion pumps, and defibrillators. 

Dyconex AG | MD&M East Booth 2163
Solving Design And Test Challenges For Medical Devices

Growing demand for medical services places heavy demand on the technologies used for patient care, leading to challenges in the design and testing of used medical devices. Present and future RF wireless, digital, component, and material technologies will enable improvements in quality of care around the world.

Keysight Technologies
Decontamination Protocols For Stainless Steel Medical Connectors

This white paper provides an overview of parameters that define if a connector can withstand a contamination protocol, as well as the advantages of using Fisher Core Series Stainless Steel in recommended decontamination protocols.

Fischer Connectors
Focus On MD&M East
MD&M East | June 13 to 15 | New York, NY

MD&M East — now in its 34th year — is the largest medtech event on the east coast, connecting you with thousands of engineers and executives, as well as hundreds of leading suppliers. Find the medtech solutions, innovations, and inspiration you need to solve your toughest challenges, while staying on top of the latest advancements across the industry. This year the show floor spotlights two industry mega-trends — 3D printing and smart manufacturing — with a dedicated 3D Printing Zone, plus the latest in collaborative robots and robotics on display from the world's top suppliers.

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Simulation Of Implanted Medical Devices Webinar

There are many simulation challenges and solutions for designing small medically implanted devices within the body, a geometrically complex and electrically large environment. This webinar discusses these challenges and solutions, covering topics such as the definition of complex dieletric and thermal material properties, choice of numerical method, HPC, and field visualization and post-processing.

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Medical Industry Solutions

Skyworks is proud to offer a wide range of RF solutions to ensure two-way communication in vital medical equipment such as patient monitors and scanners. Skyworks products include subsystems for antenna connections and baseband output, as well as components for wireless personal area networks (WPAN).

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RF Inductors That Meet QPL Requirement for MIL-PRF-15305
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Gowanda Electronics & TTE Filters
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RF/Microwave Products
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Vacuum Switch For MRI, Hyperthermia, And Ablation Equipment
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Ducommun Inc.
RF Power Amplifier For Medical EMC Compliance Testing
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High-Tech Medical Connector Solutions
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R&S RTO2000 Oscilloscope
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Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
Ultra-Low-Power Wireless Transceiver Chip For Implantable Medical Devices
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Microsemi Corporation
2 To 6 GHz, GaN Power Amplifier
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Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.
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