Featured Editorial
Who Really Benefits From Spectrum Auctions?
By Ed Biller, editor

How much do the FCC’s RF spectrum auctions foster competition, benefit consumers, or spur development of new components and technologies?

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What Is AESA RADAR Technology? — Advantages, Challenges, And Future Trends
By Bliley Technologies

Active electronically scanned array (AESA) systems comprise an array of antennas forming a beam of radio waves that can be aimed in different directions without physically moving the antennas. What does the future hold for this technology?

Power MOSFET Basics: Understanding Gate Charge And Using It To Asses Switching Performance
By Vishay

This app note defines the fundamental behavior of MOSFETs and analyzes the switching behavior of a MOSFET when used in a practical application circuit, how to choose the right device from minimal information on a datasheet, and methods for assessing the MOSFET performance.

Power Inductors 101
By Tim Shafer, VP product marketing – Inductors, Vishay

Power inductors typically are used for energy storage in DC/DC converters or high-noise filter applications, including motor speed control, adjustable lighting, DC power conditioning, and more. This article delivers the basic information for understanding power inductors, their uses, and benefits.

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