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How To Meet EW Power And Efficiency Requirements With MPMs
By Jose Gonzales, dB Control

The first MPM, developed in the early 1990s, used a solid state driver amplifier, based on MMICs or discrete RF power transistors, to drive a mini traveling-wave tube (mini-TWT) and combined these devices with a power supply and control circuits in a very compact enclosure.

Spotlight On Amplifier Modules
Modular Instrumentation Amplifiers: PTCM Series

The new PTCM series of traveling wave tube (TWT) modular instrumentation amplifiers are used for a variety of applications including EMC/radiated immunity, communications, EW, radar, and RF component testing in the DC – 40 GHz frequency range, up to 50 kW. 

DLVAs/SDLVAs Capabilities

Teledyne Defence & Space (TDS) devices are used extensively in applications requiring an output voltage related to the power of a received RF signal and used primarily in direction finding, channelized receivers, and phase array radar.

High-Power And High-Efficiency Ka-Band Power Amplifier

Ka band is used in many applications, including electronic warfare, where the most demanding cost and performance requirements are imposed on the transmitter MMICs, which must have good power added efficiency (PAE), output power (Pout), die size (power density), and reliability.

RF Amplifier Modules

Choose the power and frequency you need from our line of modules — 0.01 to 6000 MHz, 2 to 500 Watts. We have a complete palette of designs available and an entire series of amplifiers already built and ready to go.

SkyOne Ultra 2.5 Front-End Module For WCDMA/LTE Bands

The SKY78113-61 SkyOne Ultra 2.5 is a multimode multiband front-end module (FEM) that features a WCDMA block operating in the low bands, a logic control block for multiple power control levels, and both cellular and UMTS band-enable functions.

The Easy Way To A 1 Gbps RF Front-End On Smartphones

This Qorvo article highlights the need for higher order modulation, carrier aggregation, and 4x4 MIMO technologies in the journey to faster download speeds, and how to add 1 Gbps front-end modules to smartphones.

50-Ohm Components

JFW offers a large variety of 50-Ohm RF components capable of operating over wide frequency ranges. Some of the many components available include programmable, manually variable, and fixed attenuators, terminations, RF switches, power dividers and combiners, and test accessories. 

Analysis Of A GaN/SiC UHF Radar Amplifier For Operation At 125V Bias

This article investigates the relationship between Fe concentration in the buffer layer and breakdown voltage of an AlGaN/GaN on SiC HEMT transistor in order to operate in a UHF power amplifier operated at a bias of 100V or higher.

Designing A 10 GHz Low-Noise Amplifier

The critical role of a low-noise amplifier (LNA) for a radio receiver front end involves amplifying very low-power signals received by the antenna that are often just above the noise floor without significantly lowering the signal-to-noise ratio. 

Featured Multimedia
Why You Can't Always Trust Claims Of Unconditional Stability In Amplifiers

Alan Ake with Guerrilla RF explains why engineers should be skeptical when a linear driver or LNA’s datasheet claims to feature unconditional stability.

Bulletin Board
Mini GPS Line Amplifier

The MLA20RPDC GPS line amplifier is a one input, one output device with a 20dB min. gain block in a miniaturized housing. The frequency response covers the GPS L1 & L2 bands with excellent gain flatness.

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