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Understanding Cable And Antenna Analysis
By Stefan Pongratz, Anritsu Company

A problematic base station can be replaced, but a cable and antenna system is not so easy to replace. Field techs rely on portable cable and antenna analyzers to analyze, troubleshoot, characterize, and maintain a base station system. This article covers fundamentals of cable and antenna analysis measurements: return loss, cable loss, and distance-to-fault (DTF).

Spotlight On Wireless Backhaul
The Effect Of Low-Quality Antennas On Network Backhaul
By Benoît Bled, RFS

When designing a network backhaul, the finest technology is considered for the active components, while the importance of passive components is often taken for granted. The antenna has been regularly seen as a cost-saving component where concessions can be made on quality. 

How Not To Run Hot: Overcoming Thermal Challenges In Wi-Fi Front End Designs (Part 1)
By Wayne Polonio, Qorvo

It can be hard to fully account for thermal management and affected parameters in wireless access points or customer premises equipment prior to FCC certification. This article is the first in a series that looks at the design challenges for Wi-Fi front end designs. Part 2 will cover coexistence and interference.

Propagation Software For Wireless Communication Planning

Wireless InSite software analyzes wireless communication systems, wireless networks, sensors, radars, and other devices that transmit or receive radio waves.  It simulates wireless propagation and communication channel characteristics in complex urban, indoor, rural, and mixed environments.

Small Cell Power Amplifier Solutions

Skyworks small cell solutions are designed to meet demand for growing multimedia and data intensive platforms in wireless and telecommunications markets, supporting data capacity increases of wireless networks at home, at the office, and across commercial, retail, and outdoor public spaces.

High-Speed Communication Protocols For The Fischer MiniMax Series And Fischer UltiMate Series

Types of communication protocols include signaling, authentication, and error detection and correction. This white paper outlines the most relevant parameters that determine whether a connector and/or a cable assembly can withstand a defined data protocol.

Preventative Maintenance Of Wireless Infrastructure With A PC-Driven VNA
By Copper Mountain Technologies

One of the most critical steps in ensuring reliable, long-term wireless infrastructure operation is performing regular preventative maintenance. This application note discusses the challenges of keeping up VNAs for field use, as well as testing processes, adjustments, automation, and programming.

DLI's Evolution To 5G Passive RF Components

With a catalog of products offering a wide array of filters, power dividers, and directional couplers, Knowles Capacitors is evolving their business to make their products the ideal solution for 5G base stations and many other RF and microwave applications.

MACOM GaN Technology For Wireless Base Stations

The new MAGb series from MACOM is a family of the industry’s first commercial base station-optimized GaN transistors designed to achieve excellent efficiency, bandwidth, and power gain. It is also the broadest portfolio available of RF to light solutions for wireless network infrastructures.

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NuWaves Engineering Services

This video introduces the many different engineering services that NuWaves has to offer, including RF telemetry, RF stealth and signal exploitation, RF systems and subsystems, as well as research and development.

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AR Modular RF Catalog

AR Modular RF products have a variety of uses in a number of diverse applications including military, government, and civil communication systems; manufacturing processes and testing; as well as in high-tech medical equipment, remote data collections, and weather monitoring systems.

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RF Switched Filter Banks
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110 GHz Cables For Mobile Backhaul
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High Frequency Circuit Materials
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Wideband USB Power Sensor
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