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5G New Radio Architecture And Challenges
By Paul Moakes, CommAgility

NR is billed as a more capable air interface and will need to operate in both the frequencies below 6 GHz and above 24 GHz (millimeter-wave) with a frame structure supporting both TDD and FDD, as well as operate in both licensed and unlicensed spectrum.

Spotlight On Waveguides
Improving Accuracy And Throughput In Transmit/Receive Module Testing
By Hiro Maehara, Keysight Technologies

The latest radar systems employ active electrically scanned array (AESA) antennas to provide a faster scan rate, as well as more versatility in detecting and tracking multiple targets across a wider area.

TWT Theory Of Operation
By CPI, Beverly Microwave Division

TWTs incorporate many basic components, including an electron gun, an RF circuit, an attenuator, and a collector. This white paper further discusses TWT characteristics and operational theory, including the effects of input/output conditions on TWTs and cooling requirements.

Benchmark Simulations Of Waveguide Components

There is a driving need for more accurate and compact waveguide components at higher frequencies, while maintaining cost-effective solutions. This application note presents a handful of benchmark simulations of waveguide components performed with FEKO.

Waveguide Examples Using XFdtd

Remcom's XFdtd software is well-suited for any microwave device design or analysis task. Our Waveguide Examples booklet showcases a collection of five different waveguide applications with downloadable project files.

Microwave Sub-System Capabilities Brochure

Teledyne Microwave Solutions is committed to providing the industry with reliable and innovative products, realizing that rapid advances in microwave design and manufacturing technologies requires increasingly sophisticated equipment and facilities.

2.4 GHz Front End Module For ZigBee/Thread/Bluetooth Applications
The SKY66403-11 is a 2.4 GHz fully integrated RF front end module (FEM) designed to deliver high performance for ZigBee, Thread, and Bluetooth Smart applications such as in smart thermostats, in-home appliances, IoT devices, smart lighting, sensors, wireless audio, and range extenders.
Connector Selection: 10 Considerations For Getting It Right
By David Cianciolo, Fischer Connectors, Inc.

This white paper is a guide on factors to consider when selecting a connector for integration into a device (medical, or otherwise), including cover contacts, sealing, materials, functionality, and cable assembly requirements. Miniaturization and working with supplier engineer teams also are discussed.

Benefits Of Low-Inductance Hybrid Cables
By Fritz Landolt and David Neher, HUBER+SUHNER AG

Installation of remote radio systems presents many challenges for mobile radio operators, installers, and system integrators. Challenges include considerations for how the higher power requirements affect the inductance of newly integrated hybrid cycles and how inductive voltage drops can be reduced. 

Five Things To Consider When Choosing A Crystal Oscillator
By Greenray Industries

The specifications for an electronic system and how the oscillator needs to function will determine most parameters of the device. The LC or RC resonator will control the frequency, but the addition of a quartz crystal will greatly improve the frequency stability of the device.

Choosing Surface-Mount Splitters/Combiners In A Narrow Market Of Options

RF power splitters/combiner options shrink considerably as a search is narrowed to broadband, surface mount, and higher RF power rating characteristics. This app note presents BBTLine (BroadBand Transmission Line) surface-mount splitters/combiners to address this market deficiency.

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Which Programmable Attenuator System Is Right For My Lab?
Bryan Walker with JFW discusses what to consider in order to make the best possible choice when selecting which programmable attenuator is right for your lab.
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Orange Book Of Knowledge: 7th Edition

The Orange Book Of Knowledge provides a broad overview of anything and everything related to EMC, RF technologies, and the products ideal for these ever-growing industry demands. The 7th edition contains seven updated application notes and seven brand new application notes written by AR application engineers.

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