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Key Test Considerations For A Quality 5G Wireless User Experience
By Adam Smith, LitePoint

In part 1 of this series, we explored the variety of wireless technologies that make up 5G — a family of technologies optimized for a variety of use cases. This article will focus on the testing challenges facing these higher-bandwidth technologies.

ATCx (Altair Technology Conference): The Highs And Lows Of Electromagnetics

Altair offers a one-day technical event that explores both high and low-frequency electromagnetic modeling solutions for trending Internet of Things, connectivity and autonomous technology, renewable energy, wearable devices, and electrification trends. 

Design Of A Reduced Footprint Microwave Wilkinson Power Divider With EM Verification

This application note describes the process of designing a microwave Wilkinson power divider with a reduced footprint specifically using the Microwave Office circuit design and AXIEM 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) analysis software in NI AWR Design Environment. 

AR Modular RF Catalog

AR Modular RF products have a variety of uses in a number of diverse applications including military, government and civil communication systems, manufacturing processes and testing, as well as in high-tech medical equipment, remote data collections, and weather monitoring systems.

How To Meet AS9100 Requirements As A Defense Subcontractor

As the aerospace industry continues to grow, there must also be progress in the way systematic traceability retains quality and reduces costs. This application note discusses the AS9100 standard, and the best ways to go above and beyond the standard as a defense subcontractor.

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Silicone Overmolds For High-Heat Applications

Fischer Connectors designs and manufactures overmolds for silicon cable assemblies that are able to withstand steam autoclaving, high heat, and resistance to disinfectants and sterilant solutions.

Industry Event
Visit Empower RF Systems At booth 1007 For Remote Live Demonstrations

Empower RF Systems is conducting remote live demonstrations of our broadband, high power 1KW 1 to 3 GHz amplifier, Booth 1007. The amplifier will be housed in Los Angeles and viewed in the Hawaii exhibit venue with live streaming video while remotely controlling the amplifier from the exhibit floor through a standard web browser.

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Low Noise, Filtered, Amplified 1X4 GPS Antenna Splitter
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GPS Networking
50 To 125 MHz Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator
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Greenray Industries, Inc.
Rack-Mounted Power Dividers With Monitor Ports
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MegaPhase LLC

Low G-Sensitivity OCXO With Electronic Vibration Compensation
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W-Band Low Noise Amplifiers
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Northrop Grumman Microelectronic Products & Services
Microwave Resistors
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Mini-Systems, Inc.

Free-Running Reference Oscillators
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Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.
Frequency Synthesizers
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Holzworth Instrumentation
Solid State Broadband High Power RF Amplifier
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