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Featured Article
Making 5G NR A Reality
By Qualcomm

To make 5G a reality, networks will require a unified and more capable air-interface design that will enable new levels of flexibility, scalability, and efficiency to meet expanding connectivity needs. This white paper discusses the development and applications of 5G NR and how it relates to up and coming technologies like Gigabit LTE, smart technologies, and the Internet of Things.

Spotlight On Internet Of Things
Is Your Spectrum Monitoring Tool Prepared For Modern Communication Technologies?
By Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

Radio frequency (RF) spectrum is one of the most sought-after resources in the world. In the U.S., public spectrum auctions by the government generate billions of dollars for the right to utilize spectrum bands. 

Instrumentation And The Internet Of Things: Seven Essentials For Rugged Connectors In Instrumentation Applications
By Earl Kneessi, Fischer Connectors

The use of measuring devices to monitor and control processes is critical for the smooth operation of large systems and is an integral part to the future of the IoT. This white paper presents seven considerations to keep in mind for engineering rugged connector solutions for the IoT.

Benefits Of Low-Inductance Hybrid Cables
By Fritz Landolt and David Neher, HUBER+SUHNER AG

Installation of remote radio systems presents many challenges for mobile radio operators, installers, and system integrators. Challenges include considerations for how the higher power requirements affect the inductance of newly integrated hybrid cycles, and how inductive voltage drops can be reduced. 

Internet Of Things Solutions

Altair offers their scalable design platform for shortening design efforts along product and services digitalization while minimizing overall costs. Altair IoT solutions help accelerate growth in developing new services, improve productivity, increase flexibility, and optimize overall global efficiency.

Qorvo IoT Solutions

Smart home devices require an ultra-low-power network that utilizes IEEE 802.15.4 wireless technology. Qorvo offers chipset solutions designed to easily connect devices to a central home gateway with a safe, reliable, and maintenance-free network. 

MACOM Accelerating The Evolution To 5G

MACOM is uniquely positioned to deliver RF, millimeter-wave, and light semiconductor solutions for 4G and 5G applications. This capabilities brochure covers the key technologies, trends, and products that MACOM makes available for the 5G industry.

Emerging Communication Technologies Enabling The Internet Of Things
By AK Emarievbe, Joerg Koepp, and Tony Opferman, Rohde & Schwarz

Some connected things that require global coverage and/or mobility will use cellular technologies, but the majority of IoT devices will use noncellular technologies’ sharing frequencies in unlicensed bands to communicate with each other and with IoT applications in the cloud.

Use Case Possibilities With Bluetooth Low Energy In IoT Applications
By Mats Andersson, u-blox

Within IoT systems, Bluetooth low energy technology can be connected to the internet to be used as “repeaters” to extend a system’s range. This white paper describes how Bluetooth low energy technology works and how it can be used to connect devices to internet-based services and applications.

DLI's Evolution To 5G Passive RF Components

With a catalog of products offering a wide array of filters, power dividers, and directional couplers, Knowles Capacitors is evolving their business to make their products the ideal solution for 5G base stations and many other RF and microwave applications.

Featured Multimedia
How 28 nm Converters Are Enabling 5G

Jarrod Marshall with Analog Devices discusses advancements in 28nm converters and how they’re impacting 5G technology.

Bulletin Board
Satellite M2M, The IoT, And The Public Sector

As machine-to-machine and Internet of Things technologies grow congruent with daily life, satellite-based IoT is increasingly relevant to the mix. Given that IoT devices are primarily used to eliminate the need for human interface, as well as provide real-time automated monitoring and control across distances, it’s often essential to enable its functioning in remote regions that lie outside the range of terrestrial network coverage.

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Multiple Programmable Attenuation System For 5G Development And Testing: 50PA-1019-XX
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JFW Industries, Inc.
SO-8 Hermetic Package DC To 20GHz
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Mini-Systems, Inc.
Millimeter-Wave Automated Accelerated Reliability Test Systems (AARTS)
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Accel-RF Corporation

2.4 GHz Front End Module For ZigBee/Thread/Bluetooth Applications
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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Multi-Band Automatic Band-Switching Booster Amplifier
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AR Modular RF
13 To 16 GHz, GaN Power Amplifier
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Northrop Grumman Microelectronic Products & Services

Bluetooth Version 4.0 Module
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Microchip Technology Inc.
Next-Generation Embedded Modules: AirPrime WP Series
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Sierra Wireless, Inc.
High Shock Resistance Through-Hole Tuning Fork Crystals
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