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Emerging Communication Technologies Enabling The Internet Of Things
By AK Emarievbe, Joerg Koepp, and Tony Opferman, Rohde & Schwarz

Some connected things requiring global coverage and/or mobility will use cellular technologies, but most IoT devices will use noncellular technologies, sharing frequencies in unlicensed bands to communicate with each other and with IoT applications. This paper covers non-cellular technologies being deployed today, as well as emerging cellular standards.

Radar Cross Section Simulation: Air, Land, And Sea
By Martin Vogel, Altair Engineering

A platform’s radar cross section is a key concern in designing aircraft, vehicles, and ships, as well as a key parameter in planning a strategy or mission.

De-Embedding And Network Extraction
By Anritsu Company

To perform Embedding and de-embedding (EDE), the parameters of the network must be known and provided in the form of an SNP file. While there are many methods of deriving these parameters (including simulation), measurement in some way is often preferred.

Configurable Array Antenna Simulation For Base Stations
By Remcom

In this app note, a MIMO antenna is created and simulated to generate return loss, coupling, and gain patterns for several different configurations and operating modes of the device. The ability to form either omni-directional or focused beams is also demonstrated.

De-Confliction Filtering In Communication Systems
By Teledyne Microwave Solutions

Higher capacity links need wider bandwidth in which to operate. One such environment is tactical communication systems operating in the 200 to 450 MHz range. Radios operating in this band can generate harmonics, broadband noise, and intermodulation distortion.

Quartz Crystal-Based Oscillators: Low-Phase Noise Characteristics
By Steve Fry, Greenray Industries

This white paper discusses measuring techniques for expressing oscillator phase noise, the benefits of using crystal oscillators for clean signals, and how to use crystal oscillators to improve sensitivity in measurement systems.

System Sustainment And Modernization Brochure

NuWaves is practiced in developing form, fit, and function replacements for obsolete and unsupported military communications, telemetry, and electronic warfare systems. Offered sustainment services include technology insertion, reverse engineering, life cycle management, and more.


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Spectrum Monitoring In The Modern Environment

This webinar addresses issues and challenges users face when monitoring the spectrum in complex environments, how software-defined radio can overcome these challenges, and changes to the spectrum monitoring landscape.

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Orange Book Of Knowledge: 7th Edition

The Orange Book Of Knowledge provides a broad overview of anything and everything related to EMC, RF technologies, and the products ideal for these ever-growing industry demands. The 7th edition contains seven updated application notes and seven brand new application notes written by AR application engineers.

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Dual-Band 802.11ac Front-End Module
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Synthesized LO Loop Test Translators (LTTs): ALR Series
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