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What Is AESA RADAR Technology? — Advantages, Challenges, And Future Trends
By Bliley Technologies

Active electronically scanned array (AESA) systems comprise an array of antennas forming a beam of radio waves that can be aimed in different directions without physically moving the antennas. What does the future hold for this technology, especially as it becomes more advanced and critical for maintaining military advantages? 

Spotlight On Antennas
Utilizing Dielectric Resonator Antennas For 5G Applications
By S. Keyrouz, D. Caratelli, and D. Favreau, The Antenna Company

As an alternate solution to traditional low-radiation and low-gain antennas, dielectric resonator antennas (DRAs) operate with less conduction losses and feature high radiation efficiency when excited properly for millimeter-wave frequencies and beyond.

Convoy Jamming Solutions

Contemporary security and military operations require Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) assets that are capable of providing human capital protection against both symmetric and asymmetric adversaries. 

Antennas For Unmanned Systems

Cobham Antenna Systems provides blade, omni-directional, and sector antennas for airborne platforms, UAVs, ground vehicles, robots, and other unmanned systems.

Using Surrogate Models For Antenna Placement On Large Platforms

The Institute of High Performance Computing is continuously driven to develop cost-effective and innovative approaches to modeling, diagnosing, and solving electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems. 

Specialized High-Performance Antenna Design

For more than 20 years, one of the fields in which IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi has been involved is the design, prototyping, and analysis of a large variety of specialized high-technology and high-performance antennas, from VHF to millimeter-wave antennas.

How To Use The Model 845 Microwave Signal Generator To Perform Extremely Fast Frequency Switching Sweeps

The 845 Series comprises low-noise and fast-switching microwave signal generators featuring fast switching speeds up to 10 µs, low spurs, low harmonics, a 100 KHz to 26.5 GHz frequency range, a compact design, a 1U package, and OEM board packages.

Checklist On The 10 Factors You Need To Consider When Selecting An EMC Antenna

This checklist covers the 10 factors that must be considered in the selection of an EMC test antenna.

Upgrading Antennas To Improve Radio Performance

Many radios are equipped with performance-focused antennas directly from the factory, but older radios and products may no longer be matched with the best performing accessories. 

Basic RF Amplifier Measurements Using The R&S ZNB Vector Network Analyzer And "SMARTerCal"

Rohde & Schwarz’s family of ZNB vector network analyzers is ideal for analyzing an RF amplifier’s small signal linear and nonlinear performance. This app note demonstrates how to configure and use the R&S ZNB vector network analyzer.

Featured Multimedia
Antenna Design Workflow Using Full-Wave Matching Circuit Optimization Webinar

The design of a matched antenna is a fairly involved process.  This webinar shows how XFdtd simplifies this process by providing tools to parameterize the unmatched antenna, determine S11, synthesize a matching network topology with Optenni Lab, and determine the final component values using the Circuit Element Optimizer.

Qorvo Antenna Control Solutions

Smartphone OEMs are continuously challenged with increasing data traffic that puts a strain on the phone's antenna, resulting in lower overall performance and battery life. Qorvo offers antenna solutions that maximize antenna efficiency and assist in delivering a flawless mobile user experience.

RF Globalnet Welcomes Our Newest Supplier
NuWaves Engineering

NuWaves offers an extensive range of RF products and services under one roof, from high frequency (HF) through Ku-band, that address the most demanding customer requirements, such as electronics hardware miniaturization, project cost, and schedule.

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