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Introduction To Electromagnetic Compatibility
By API Technologies Corp

This white paper offers the reader a basic understanding of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and compatibility (EMC), various compliance standards and specifications, types of testing available for quantifying equipment performance, and basic approaches utilized to help meet application requirements.

Spotlight On Test & Measurement
How To Achieve Optimally Low Noise Floors In Phase Noise Testing Using External References

This application note focuses on the phase noise measurement of very low-noise reference sources and explains why external references can be very useful to speed up measurement.

Using A VNA As A Multipurpose Tool

When considering a VNA for applications like signal generation, spectral analysis, and power metering, it is important to take its architecture into account, such as the type of oscillator, receiver configuration, general oscillator specifications, and the time delay of the RF signal. 

Five Hints For Successful Measurements In Noise

Noise typically limits the overall performance of any wireless system and impacts a spectrum analyzer‚Äôs ability to measure very low amplitude signals while maintaining high accuracy and fast sweep speed. This application note presents five tips to improve the measurement sensitivity and accuracy for small signals.

An Introduction To Practical Real-Time Spectrum Analysis

This application note provides an introduction to the practical uses of RTSAs to reveal important information about the performance of RF/microwave components, track down sources of interference, and monitor the spectrum for activity and security threats.

Pre-5G-NR Signal Generation And Analysis

This application note discusses how to use Rohde & Schwarz signal generators and analyzers for testing early 5G New Radio components, chipsets, and devices. These solutions provide a single user interface for signal generation, flexible OFDM configuration, and user defined modulation schemes.

How To Quickly Evaluate High-Performance Oscillators Using Holzworth HA7402A Phase Noise Analyzer

The process of evaluating the performance of ultra-low-phase noise oscillators requires phase noise test systems with lower measurement times, lower noise floor capabilities, and high reliability and repeatability of test data.

A Guide To Making RF Measurements For Signal Integrity Applications

Increasing performance demands require digital engineers to use the less familiar measurements of vector network analyzers (VNAs). This paper discusses integrity-based VNA measurements for digital engineers and correlates VNA measurements to key signal integrity parameters for RF engineers.

What To Look For When Choosing An Oscilloscope

Choosing a new oscilloscope can be daunting — there are hundreds of different models to choose from with widely varying costs and specifications. This article guides you through the maze of considerations and will hopefully help you avoid making what could prove to be an expensive mistake.

High Digital Testing Solutions

HUBER+SUHNER manufactures and supplies RF test components and assemblies optimized for high-speed digital testing. They offer coaxial-to-PCB transitions and cable solutions including technical support, libraries of 3D files, electrical modeling data, and customer specific optimized footprints.

Evaluating Exposure To Pulsed Magnetic Fields With The ELT-400 Tester

Narda's ELT-400 Tester is designed for measuring low frequency magnetic fields and evaluating the field exposure that occurs in workplaces and in public areas. This application note discusses the possibilities for ELT-400 analysis.

Featured Multimedia
Connectivity Solutions For Test, Measurement, And Sensing Applications

Fischer Connectors offers a variety of electrical and optical connectivity solutions for test, measurement, and sensing applications including those on roads, railways, underwater, and in manned or unmanned vehicles. This video offers an exciting overview of the four product lines available, guidance on the best connectivity solutions for application-specific requirements, and relevant technical specifications for each group.

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Tektronix Oscilloscope Selection Guide

Tektronix offers a wide range of oscilloscopes for many different analysis, debugging, and design applications. This guide provides an overview of the types of oscilloscopes currently available and high-level specifications for comparisons between models.

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TDS-535 Tuned Dipole Set (Single)
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A.H. Systems
100 Watt CW, 100 kHz - 1000 MHz Solid-State Amplifier: Model 100U1000
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Bird Diagnostic System (BDS)
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4.25 kW TWT Compact Pulsed Amplifier: VZC3530J1
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Communications & Power Industries, Beverly Microwave Division
Survivor Series Test Cables
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MegaPhase LLC
100 MHz To 18 GHz Mini Benchtop Programmable Attenuator Assembly: 50BA-032-31
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JFW Industries, Inc.

Wireless Ultra-Broadband/Test And Measurement Directional Coupler
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Thick Film Process Capabilities
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Mini-Systems, Inc.
VDI Erickson PM5 Power Meter
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Virginia Diodes, Inc. (VDI)
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