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Considerations When Choosing An RF Power Amplifier
By Corry Micronics

This white paper talks about the important operating parameters to consider when choosing an amplifier, from operating efficiency and output power level to linearity and mismatch tolerance.

Spotlight On Space-Qualified Components
Top 4 Sources Of Microvibration On Spacecraft
By Rob Rutkowski, Bliley Technologies

It is vital to understand how to design a spacecraft with precise functionality. Eliminating as many vibrations as possible is crucial so that they do not interfere with functionality during prelaunch transportation and powered flight. One type of vibration is microvibration.

Acceleration Sensitivity Characteristics Of Quartz Crystal Oscillators
By Steve Fry, Greenray Industries

This paper can help you predict and plan for the frequency errors your oscillator may experience as a result of acceleration forces.

Recent History And Current Trends In GaN Reliability Testing
By Accel-RF Corporation

As the technology in GaN devices matures, the long-term reliability issues must be tested and addressed. Test system capabilities must expand to perform not only traditional elevated temperature life testing, but must also allow for in-situ performance-degradation characterization with age.

High-Performance Components For Space Applications

KRYTAR, Inc. specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide range of ultra-broadband, high-performance microwave components and test equipment designed to cover RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave frequencies within commercial and military space applications.

IDS Specialized High-Performance Antenna Design Brochure

IDS is able to support the antenna development process from start to finish, from the initial analysis of the requirements and the choice of the type of solution to the optimal installation of a finished system in an operational environment. 

NuPower RF Power Amplifiers Brochure

NuWaves’ series of NuPower RF power amplifiers are designed with the latest gallium nitride (GaN) technology and market-leading design miniaturization techniques for the purpose of extending communication ranges.

Time Difference Of Arrival (TDOA)

To use time difference of arrival (TDOA) — a technique for geolocating RF sources — one must understand the signal types that can be used, how results depend on the measurement geometry, how to identify and mitigate sources of uncertainty, and how to know if the answer is meaningful.

Space-Qualified Switch Heritage And Featured Products

This brochure contains information on Ducommun’s space-qualified SPDT switches that operate from DC to 46 GHz, transfer switches, variable reluctance resolvers, brushless DC motors, stepper motors, and more.

Space-Qualified Components Brochure

TRM offers a range of standard and low-profile power dividers and hybrids for aerospace, avionics, defense, and SATCOM markets.

  Discover The Base Transceiver Station At SATELLITE 2018

Visit Corry Micronics at Booth #1845 and discover our newest subsystem, the Base Transceiver Station. Featured components include custom coding for controlling and monitoring the amplifiers, and outputs that can be fed into multiple antennas or multiplexed into one antenna — all dependent on your customized system design.
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Comprehensive Space-Qualified Products

Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) has an extensive and successful space heritage stretching back to the early days of space applications. TMS earned the space community's trust by developing, manufacturing, and supporting the industry's most comprehensive line of space-qualified products. These space-grade components and integrations cover frequencies from 5 MHz to Ka-band.

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Radiation Tolerant, Phototransistor Hermetic Surface-Mount Optocouplers
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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Space-Qualified Assemblies
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SO-8 Hermetic Package DC To 20 GHz
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Mini-Systems, Inc.

Digitally Tuned Bandpass Filters: TF010x Series
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26 To 35 GHz Balanced Driver Amplifier: CMD243
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Custom MMIC Design Services (CMDS) , Inc.
90-Degree Hybrid Coupler: HB-57
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Microwave Communications Laboratories, Inc. (MCLI)

Shielded Surface-Mount Inductors For Military RF Applications
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Gowanda Electronics & TTE Filters
Omnidirectional Gooseneck Antenna System: OA2-2.1-5.9-GN-SRT/9626
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Cobham Antenna Systems
Broadband Blocking Components
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