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Noise Figure: What Is It And Why Does It Matter?
By Jamie Hooper, CRFS

Noise figure is a key parameter that quantifies receiver performance by measuring how low a power a signal receiver can detect. This white paper covers the basic principles of noise figure, how to make sense of its specifications, how it is measured, and why this parameter is important in high-performance applications.

Spotlight On Field Analysis
Cost-Efficient And Extensible RF Spectrum Monitoring And Management

With spectrum analysis and spectrum management requirements expanding into a wide range of new and challenging arenas, the traditional standalone spectrum analyzer approach is often coming up short in its lack of adaptability for today’s field-intensive applications.

Proper Use Of Field Analyzers At Lower Frequencies

Most RF field probes are designed to measure only the root mean square of a continuous wave electric field over a broad range of frequencies and amplitudes. This article provides some background on the development of field analyzers and how they meet a growing need in system test.

How To Test An RF Coaxial Cable Using A Vector Network Analyzer

RF coaxial cables can be used to ensure the integrity of measurements taken by Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) and other test equipment. Ideal cables are able to transfer maximum RF energy while incurring as small amounts as possible. 

6.2, 12.5, Or 20 GHz Signal Generator With 8 Independent Outputs

Berkeley Nucleonics' new Model 855 series is a phase coherent, multi-output, fast switching, and low phase noise signal generator operating within the 10 MHz to 6.2, 12.5, or 20.0 GHz range, and is ideal for applications where accurate signal quality and wide output power are required.

Vector Network Analyzer Calibration Options For Ensuring Measurement Accuracy In The Field

Installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of RF and microwave systems and components requires measurement of their reflection and transmission characteristics within a variety of indoor and outdoor environments and conditions, some of which can be quite extreme. 

Spectrum Monitoring And Interference Analysis Using NI PXI

Interference has unfortunately become much more prevalent with an increasing number of transmitters coming on the air. Wireless service providers use spectrum analyzers to monitor their channels, frequencies, and adjacent spectrums to reveal the interfering signals. 

External RF Filters For IDA 2 Handheld Signal Analyzers

Narda Safety Test Solutions now offers optional external RF filters for its IDA 2 handheld signal analyzers o help avoid out-of-band overmodulation in selected bandwidths without reducing the necessary measurement sensitivity in highly dynamic measurement environments. 

RF Vector Signal Generators

Tektronix's TSG4100A Series of RF Vector Signal Generators with true DC to 2 GHz, 4 GHz, or 6 GHz, and up to 200 MHz modulation bandwidth, support both analog and vector signal generation. The series comes standard with analog modulation. 

0.5 – 18.0 GHz 16-Way Power Dividers/Combiners

Planar Monolithics Industries (PMI) offers two new 16-way, in-phase power dividers/combiners designed for applications within the 0.5 to 18.0 GHz frequency range. The APD-16-0D5G18D0G-SFF is a 1U chassis model, while the PD-16-0D5G18D0G-SFF model is in a new compact size.

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Taking It To The Extreme - Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer

The MS2760A is pocket-sized, but big on performance with industry leading dynamic range, sweep speed, and amplitude accuracy. Its size enables direct connect to almost any DUT, eliminating the need for lossy, expensive cables or antennas. It’s the world's first handheld mm-Wave spectrum analyzer providing continuous coverage from 9 kHz up to 110 GHz, ideal for the 5G network development market, as well as other mmWave applications, like 802.11ad / WiGig, E-band microwave wireless communications, satellite communications, and automotive radar.

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AR Presents, ‘What Is A Field Analyzer Webinar'

In this webinar, you will hear about AR’s Field Analyzers, part of the Multi-Star family of products.

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