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Combining Near-Field Measurement And Simulation For EMC Radiation Analysis
By Altair

Failing a required EMC test at the end of a product design cycle can imply a costly product redesign and drastically set back the time-to-market. This white paper outlines a process that enables required EMC testing to be performed much earlier in the design cycle.

Spotlight On Hybrid Optical/RF Networks
Optical Solutions

Qorvo offers innovative optical fiber network limiting and linear modulator drivers and TIAs enabling local access, data center interconnect, regional, metro, and long-haul optical networks with cost-effective transmit and receive solutions for 100/400 Gb/s and beyond.

Electrical-To-Optical And Optical-To-Electrical (E/O And O/E) Converter Measurements

As the need for high-speed optical modulators and detectors increase, it is important to understand the frequency response characterization of electrical-to-optical (E/O) and optical-to-electrical (O/E) converters in terms of parameters such as bandwidth, flatness, phase linearity, and group delay.

AlGaAs PIN Diode MMICs – Frequency And Power Capability

Monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) based on high-power PIN diodes are increasingly used for many transmit and receive systems in advanced defense electronics and telecommunications applications.

Using PIN Limiter Diodes In Receiver Protectors

A limiter PIN diode with a three-layer design can protect a receiver from large input signals while allowing the receiver to function normally when large signals aren’t present. This app note describes the use of PIN limiter diodes in receiver protectors, as well as their design characteristics and benefits.

5 Common Causes Of Frequency Drift In Crystal Oscillators And Their Solution

Setting the initial frequency of an oscillator to the most precise values can be frustrating when you realize that the oscillator will not be able to maintain that frequency. This article covers multiple sources of frequency instability and presents the ultra-stable OCXO as a fix-all solution.

Microwave Photonics Systems Capabilities

Microwave Photonics Systems (MPS) is a full service design and integration engineering organization that focuses on the development and manufacture of radio frequency, microwave, and fiber optic products. 

Analog Advancements Make Waves In 5G Wireless Communications

5G wireless communication promises faster speeds, minimal latency, more connections, and lower power within the next few decades. However, many companies are still blazing trails on the technological path leading to these benefits. 

Overcoming Space Challenges And Reducing Costs With Small-Diameter Cable Technology

Network services providers are deploying more fiber cables than ever to keep up with bandwidth demands. While that’s good news for those who want more bandwidth, it’s not so good for the technicians needing access to existing circuits or the ability to install new ones.

Using Tantalum Hybrid Capacitors For High-Power Pulse Applications

High-power pulse applications require bulk capacitance, high currents, and fast response time for pulse forming. EVANSCAPS tantalum hybrid capacitors provide low ESR and high power density for high-current pulse power in phased array radars or laser drivers.

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The Benefits Of 65V Technology
Gavin Smith with NXP Semiconductors discusses the benefits of 65V transistors for applications requiring higher power systems.
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L-Band And S-Band Solid State Power Amplifier: NuPower LS100A01

The NuPower LS100A01 from NuWaves is a small, highly efficient, solid state power amplifier (PA) operating in the 1.6 GHz to 2.5 GHz frequency range for aerospace, military, satellite, telecommunication, and electronic warfare applications. It features an aluminum chassis with improved heat dissipation characteristics for higher-temperature operation.

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Absorptive And Reflective PIN Diode Switches
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Ducommun Inc.
SO-8 Hermetic Package DC To 20 GHz
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Mini-Systems, Inc.
Size-Optimized LTE Cat M1/NB1 Modules
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u-blox AG

Erickson PM5 Power Meter
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Virginia Diodes, Inc. (VDI)
GaN HEMT RF Power Transistors
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Wolfspeed, A Cree Company
Bidirectional Coaxial Switch
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Dow-Key Microwave Corp.

500 To 6,000 MHz, Connectorized, Solid State Absorptive RF SPDT Switch
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Absorptive SP4T Pin Diode Switch
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Planar Monolithics Industries, Inc.
1.85 mm Wide-Band SPDT PIN Diode Absorptive Switch
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