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Common Applications For Radio Frequency (RF) Filters
By Mike Trimble, NuWaves Engineering

A radio frequency (RF) filter is a special circuit that permits a signal of interest to pass through while attenuating any undesired signals. This article describes the different filter shapes, or responses, when plotted in the frequency domain, defines general terms in filter utilization, and covers common types of applications that use RF filters.

Spotlight On Filters
De-Confliction Filtering In Communication Systems

Higher capacity links need wider bandwidth in which to operate. One such environment is tactical communication systems operating in the 200 to 450 MHz range. Radios operating in this band can generate harmonics, broadband noise, and intermodulation distortion.

Advantages Of Cascading Reflectionless Filters

Cascading filters in series is routinely used to enhance stopband rejection and steepness within the transition band. This article demonstrates how cascaded reflectionless filters eliminate the undesirable effects of traditional filters and allow greater design flexibility, as well as improved system performance.

Techniques For Achieving First Pass Success In Lumped Element PCB-Based Filter Designs

Three fabrication techniques are used to generate simple three-element 250 MHz low pass filter (LPF) designs. This application note provides a comparison of a “good, better, best” progression through these fabrication techniques.

Krytar Applications Idea: Inexpensive Scalar Measurement of a Band Pass Filter or other Passive Device or Component

See the attenuation curve of a typical band pass filter measured using this test setup. This test setup may be used to measure other passive devices such a band reject, high pass, low pass, and stop band filters as well as fixed attenuators, pads, step attenuators, insertion loss of cable assemblies, etc.

LTE B3/B7 BAW Diplexer (75 MHz/70 MHz)

Qorvo’s QPQ1237 is a high performance bulk acoustic wave (BAW) Diplexer specifically designed for Band 3 uplink and Band 7 uplink applications. Features include low insertion loss, high rejection, high attenuation, and a RoHS compliant 3.00 mm x 3.00 mm x 0.91 mm surface mount packaging.

Wideband Signal Processing Simplified With BNC's RTSA7500

Berkeley Nucleonics's offers the RTSA7500 as a cost-effective versatile RF tuner/downconverter for test, measurement and monitoring of wideband signals up to 160 MHz bandwidth through the new Wideband IQ (WBIQ) feature. 

Reaching New Levels Of Linearity In Passive Mixers With GaN Technology

Custom MMIC has been working with domestic foundries to investigate the use of GaN for passive mixers. This application note discusses the results of studies on new levels of linearity from GaN technology within different types of passive mixers.

Bird RF Filter Product Catalog

The RF filters are designed and built for reliable operation in the most challenging applications with the harshest conditions. The TX RX Systems brand cavity filter product line consists of four model types which may be cascaded to achieve an arithmetic sum of individual filter attenuation.

Evaluating Exposure To Pulsed Magnetic Fields With The ELT-400 Tester

Narda's ELT-400 Tester is designed for measuring low frequency magnetic fields and evaluating the field exposure that occurs in workplaces and in public areas. This application note discusses the possibilities for ELT-400 analysis.

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RF Filter Design And Selection Considerations

In this video, Jim Price, VP of engineering with Corry Micronics, discusses the considerations design engineers should take into account when selecting and/or designing a filter, as well as how to use filters to combine different RF bands onto a common channel to save on cabling and/or the number of antennas in the system.

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Introduction To Electromagnetic Compatibility

This white paper offers the reader a basic understanding of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and compatibility (EMC), various compliance standards and specifications, types of testing available for quantifying equipment performance, and basic approaches utilized to help meet application requirements.

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