News | September 5, 2014

New System From GMIT Simplifies Monitoring Of Headends And Broadcast And IPTV Networks

Source: Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

The Rohde & Schwarz subsidiary GMIT GmbH is proud to present PRISMON, a compact, flexible solution for monitoring different types of broadcast signals. In just one height unit, PRISMON monitors SDI, ASI, TS over IP and T2MI signals and automatically detects content errors such as still pictures and zero levels in audio signals. Thanks to the large number of supported interfaces, PRISMON can be easily used at different points of the transmission chain to ensure uniform monitoring of all signals. In addition, PRISMON generates a high-quality mosaic picture for visual monitoring of all programs. All PRISMON systems are very easy to configure and operate. They offer an excellent price/performance ratio, making them the perfect solution for professional monitoring of all broadcast networks and headends.

Berlin, September 5, 2014 -- Signals must be monitored at the video/audio/data level to ensure that network operators are able to process and transmit TV programs without any problems and consequently deliver high quality of experience (QoE). PRISMON, the new multi-image and content monitoring solution from GMIT GmbH, is ideal for performing automatic monitoring around the clock. A single system monitors up to 36 TV programs in parallel and detects dropouts and content errors as are caused by playout, a headend or a broadcast network. All detected errors are signaled to a central network management system both locally and via SNMP.

In addition to error detection, PRISMON generates a high-quality mosaic picture of all programs for visual monitoring. Besides videos and audio bars, even a wide range of metadata such as teletext, EIT information and data from transport stream tables can be displayed. As a result, the personnel in central operating stations always have an overview of the status of all programs and their metadata and can detect errors conveniently, quickly and reliably. PRISMON is also suitable for use at unattended transmitter sites. The system can be completely operated and monitored via narrowband IP links. The generated mosaic picture can either be output locally or encoded as a HD video and streamed via IP networks. This allows convenient visual monitoring of remote transmitter sites.

PRISMON is operated via an intuitive web-based user interface that has been optimized for 24/7 use. The system can be commissioned within minutes. Graphical editors allow easy customer-specific adaptation of the mosaic picture. In addition, PRISMON can be directly controlled via iPads or iPhones without prior complex network configuration. This makes for fast, simple operation under any conditions.

PRISMON benefits from the years of experience that GMIT gathered with the BMM 810 multiviewer and content monitoring solution in commercial projects worldwide. While the BMM-810 is also used in other applications such as the monitoring of OTT transmissions or the measurement of video picture quality, PRISMON has been especially optimized for use in broadcast and IPTV networks. It is therefore the ideal tool for all networks that require convenient, reliable and comprehensive monitoring of broadcast signals.

The system is available in three different versions, i.e. PRISMON Base, Plus and Prime, for monitoring 16/27/36 SD or 8/12/16 HD programs. Each system can be flexibly expanded with receiver boards. The base system already contains all product licenses and many accessories. There are no hidden costs. Even the future monitoring of new programs does not require new investments. This is why PRISMON is a future-ready solution for efficient and easy monitoring of all broadcast and IPTV signals.

The PRISMON multi-image and content monitoring system is now available from GMIT GmbH.

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About GMIT GmbH
GMIT is a Rohde & Schwarz company developing products for broadcasters since 2007. The GMIT team has a strong broadcast background and in-depth knowledge of audio, video and data real-time processing utilizing state of the art software architectures and IT technologies.

SOURCE: Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG