NEW Surface Mount Synthesizer Model SMS

Source: Luff Research Inc


The new SMS surface mount frequency sources are aimed at integrated RF and microwave applications. The SMS design is a single PLL design that can be configured to be either programmable to step across a frequency range or as a fixed frequency source requiring no programming.

These units are very user friendly. They operate on either an external 10 MHz reference or on a high performance internal TCXO. In addition these units operate on only one single +5V supply.

The phase noise and spurious performance is excellent and with the output being buffered and filtered these units are a great addition to any system requiring a miniature frequency source.

The design is robust and in quantity is configured for reflow applications.

Model SMS Features

  •  Frequency synthesizers up to 8 GHz  (up to octave bands)
  •  Fixed frequency sources up to 8 GHz (no programming needed)
  •  Frequency reference
  •  External 10 MHz or
  •  Internal TCXO
  •  Single 5.0V operation
  •  Low phase noise & spurious
  •  Customized configurations