News | October 4, 2007

New Surface-Mount EMI Filters Launched

Corry, PA -- Corry Micronics, Inc. announced the introduction of its surface-mount EMI filters. These filters provide effective filtering for both signal and power lines and are designed for placement directly onto printed circuit boards, eliminating the need for more costly through-hole or bulkhead mountable filters.

These new surface-mount EMI filters (both SMP and SMC styles) are offered in capacitance values that range from 100 pF to 8200 pF and are rated to 100 VDC. SMP filters are in "Pi" circuit configurations and are rated for 10 Amps of feedthrough current. SMC filters are in "C" circuit configurations and offer an extended feedthrough current capability up to 20 Amps.

Offered in two standard sizes that conform to industry standard pad layouts, these new filters are shipped in tape and reel packaging for use on all Pick and Place machines. They are designed with a high temperature, RoHS compliant, construction that is suitable for all standard SMT reflow technologies.

Matt Cottrill, VP of Sales and Marketing stated "the surface-mount EMI filters are an excellent complement to Corry Micronics' existing filter product lines and demonstrates the company's commitment to providing its customers with a broad range of filtering solutions".

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SOURCE: Corry Micronics, Inc.