News | October 4, 2018

New L-Band RF Power Amplifier Module For IFF/SSR Systems Solves Avionic Challenges

Source: Integra Technologies, Inc.

EL SEGUNDO, California (USA) – Integra Technologies ( a leading designer and supplier of high-power RF Power Transistors and RF Power Modules, has released a new RF power amplifier module/pallet designed to solve various size, weight, power, and cost challenges (SWaP-C) in high-performance L-band avionic systems.

IGNP1011L2400 is a high power GaN-on-SiC RF power amplifier module/pallet that has been designed specifically for IFF/SSR systems operating under either Mode S ELM (48x {32μs on, 18μs off}, 6.4% Long Term Duty Cycle) or standard Mode S (128μs, 2% Duty Cycle) pulse conditions.

It supplies a minimum of 2200W of peak output power, with typically >16 dB of gain and 57% efficiency and operates from a 50V supply voltage.

This RF power amplifier module/pallet is matched to 50-ohms at both input and output and is suitable for both 1030 and 1090 MHz.

For package dimensions, evaluation board details, and complete test specifications, download the data sheet for IGNP1011L2400 at

For application assistance, contact the Integra Technical Support team online at

About Integra Technologies, Inc.
Integra is a leading designer, manufacturer, innovator, and global supplier of high-power RF and microwave transistors and power amplifiers. They have a demonstrable heritage as a provider of dependable standard and custom solutions for low to high volume radar, avionics, defense, communications, EW, and ISM programs. The technologies that Integra fabricates with include GaN/SiC HEMT, Si-LDMOS, Si-VDMOS, and Si-Bipolar semiconductor approaches proven in their own fab and with redundant partners.

Source: Integra Technologies, Inc.