News | May 25, 2004

New Greenray OCXO Offers High Stability For Demanding Applications

Source: Greenray Industries, Inc.

Mechanicsburg, PA -- Greenray Industries, Inc. has announced the availability of the Model YH1391 OCXO.

The YH1391, offered in a miniature, hermetically sealed case, is designed to provide excellent frequency stability under severe vibration. Available from 10 to 100MHz, the YH1391 features low g-sensitivity of 5 x 10-10.

In addition, the YH1391 offers ultra low phase noise, with a floor down to -170dBc/Hz, fast warm-up and stabilization.

Greenray Industries is a supplier of high precision, quartz-based oscillators for use in wireless, wired telephony, aerospace, military, satellite, and other communications applications.

Source: Greenray Industries