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08.04.22 -- Must-Know Wi-Fi 6E Regulatory Test Tips | How To Find A PNA's True Noise Floor

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SDRs For Test And Measurement

Software-defined radios (SDRs) can be instrumental in achieving reliable test and measurement (T&M) results for RF applications. In this article, learn about the basic concepts of an SDR, including the building blocks of the general system and its capabilities, the main applications of SDRs, and some of its advantages over conventional devices. Plus, discover how SDRs can be applied in T&M systems and how they affect the development of wireless devices.

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What You Should Know About Regulatory Test For Wi-Fi 6E Devices

Wireless connectivity has grown exponentially, causing the IoT market to expand as well. By 2030, the expected number of active IoT devices is predicted to surpass 25.4 billion. Because each country has specific certification/authorization requirements and standards, regulatory testing for Wi-Fi 6E devices is necessary.

RF Field Probe Calibration And Usage

RF field probes are a required piece of test equipment used for measuring the intensity of radiated RF fields. The use of a field probe may seem straightforward; however, there are numerous aspects of using field probes that can affect the accuracy of RF measurements.

How GaN Helps CATV Providers Find Balance

This post is an excerpt from the Design Summit series of Qorvo webinars that highlights vital improvements in industry sectors where evolutionary advances are powering next-generation technologies.

Why A Fully Integrated Translation Loop Device Achieves The Best Phase Noise Performance

At extremely high frequencies, consumers can enjoy wider bandwidths without the fear of overcrowding the spectrum. However, as the frequencies increase, the instrumentation solutions targeting these devices and frequencies can become extremely complex.

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Understanding Antenna Gain, Beamwidth, And Directivity

Antenna gain affects, or is affected by, bandwidth, directivity, power, and frequency in oft-misunderstood ways. This article dispels some misconceptions surrounding this valuable metric. It also discusses the gain typical of common antenna types and provides tools to calculate vital parameters.

Creating And Analyzing An RF Bandpass Filter Simulation

RF devices might seem esoteric, but designing and analyzing critical components for a number of RF devices is not any more difficult than working with other components. With the right analysis package, you can easily simulate an RF bandpass filter and analyze all aspects of your RF filter.

Testing With Mismatch Terminations

Mismatch loads can be used to test amplifiers and help characterize their performance under conditions that might occur in the field. To do so, a mismatch load (or mismatch termination) is used to present a specified VSWR, rather than the usual 1:1 perfect 50 ohm load.

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Video: How Is RF Power Measured?

RF power measurements are a top priority for the design and development of wireless technology. A leader in high-performance RF and microwave test and measurement solutions, Boonton can enable the accuracy of essential power measurements with its product portfolio of peak and average RF power meters, real-time USB power sensors, and connected USB power sensors.

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Instrumentation Amplifiers That Deliver Power For EMC HIRF Testing

Over the past 20 years CPI TMD has proved itself to be a world leader in TWTA design innovation, offering particularly unusual products for a variety of markets and applications, many of which have proven to be unobtainable elsewhere. We have particular strength in the area of high-power pulsed TWTAs (up to 40 kW) for EMC HIRF testing.

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The R&S LCX LCR meters from Rohde & Schwarz are versatile, extremely accurate, and perform measurements quickly. They are ideal for challenging applications in research, development, and production. 

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Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
Solid-State Broadband High Power Amplifier: 2244

Empower RF's 2244 amplifier comprises multi-drawer integrated liquid-cooled subsystems to produce a minimum of 8kW peak pulsed output power in the L-band frequency. Each of the amplifier subsystem drawers features multiple high-power GaN on SiC devices that provide wide frequency response, high gain, high peak power capability, and low distortions.

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Empower RF Systems, Inc.
Multipaction Power Amplifier

NuWaves Engineering is offering multipaction filter design and simulation services using industry-leading software tools including CST Microwave Studio and Spark3D.

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NuWaves Engineering
EMSense 40

ETS-Lindgren's laser-powered EMSense 40 Electric Field Probe embodies the latest innovations in isotropic sensor design, low noise, and miniaturized electronics. Designed to be single range reading, the EMSense 40 can read data continuously over the entire dynamic range. 

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The SENCITY Road IC (in-carriage) antennas are designed for seamless and outstanding in-carriage connectivity. These antennas have several radiating elements stored in one compact housing and allow FAKRA or SMA connection.

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