22 – 43.5 GHz Monolithic Amplifier: TSS-44+

Source: Mini-Circuits
22 – 43.5 GHz Monolithic Amplifier: TSS-44+

Mini Circuits released the TSS-44+ monolithic amplifier operating from 22 to 43.5 GHz to be used in 5G applications. This surface mount, MMIC amplifier with shutdown feature fabricated using E-PHEMT technology and is a fully integrated 3-stage gain block up to 43.5 GHz with excellent active directivity.

The TSS-44+ surface mount, MMIC amplifier is packaged in industry standard 3x3 mm MCLP package, which provides excellent RF and thermal performance. The TSS-44+ integrates the entire matching network with most of the bias circuit inside the package, reducing the need for complicated external circuits.

For additional features and specifications, download the datasheet.