White Paper

Modernizing Military Flightline Test Sets With The MTS-207 Ultra-Rugged Test Platform

Source: Marvin Test Solutions, Inc.

By Loofie Gutterman, president, Marvin Test Solutions

This paper describes how the USAF's 309th Software Maintenance Group (SMXG) at Hill Air Force Base developed the PATS (Portable Automated Test Set)-70 which supports the testing of various A-10/C systems on the flightline. Based on Marvin Test Solutions' MTS-207, a state-of-the-art, ruggedized, portable PXI-based platform designed for flightline, back shop, and airborne applications, the MTS-207 provided the USAF with the necessary flexibility to add a specific test instrumentation, such as GX6315 and GX2065 PXI cards for supporting the A-10/C's specific flightline test needs.

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