Millimeter Wave Phase Locked Synthesizer: PLS Series

Source: Millitech

Millimeter Wave Phase Locked Synthesizer: PLS Series

Millitech’s millimeter wave phase locked synthesizers are ideal for use in test and instrumentation sources, as drivers for multipliers, as local oscillators for radar, radiometer, and telecommunications transmitters and receivers, and in PLDRO/YIG replacement applications. They feature low phase noise, ease of use, and a small size.

The PLS Series of Millimeter Wave Phase Locked Synthesizers operates in the 14.6 to 316 GHz frequency range. They can be locked to an external 10MHz reference, or to an internal oscillator for use as a system building block. The internal EEPROM can be programmed at Millitech to allow for a fixed frequency oscillator or a simple terminal driven RS-232 interface allows for the user to perform a non-volatile frequency change.

These synthesizers can be used for millimeter wave frequency extension for antenna ranges, test measurement equipment, and L.O. sources for a variety of applications.