AR-50 Military Booster Amplifier

Source: AR Modular RF


The Market leading JITC-certified Model AR-50 (30 – 512 MHz / 50 watts) Tactical Booster Amplifier handles all modern tactical waveforms automatically without operator intervention.

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AR Modular RF has continued to improve its JITC certified model AR-50 automatic band-switching JITC-certified RF booster amplifier. The amplifiers advanced design enables it to be used on virtually all legacy and modern networking waveforms without any operator intervention. With over 5 years of fielded experience this amplifier is truly “battle tested” and has been installed on just about every conceivable tactical communications platform imaginable, from boats, to aircraft and ground vehicle of all types.

The AR-50 booster amplifier enhances tactical radio signals from handheld and back-pack transceivers operating in the 30 – 512 MHz band. It provides 50 watts output with as little as 2-5 watts input and offers two antenna ports dedicated to line-of-sight (LOS) or UHF Satellite (SATCOM). The system also provides a switchable low-noise amplifier (LNA) and a RF output level controller. The small, compact unit can run from either 12v or 24v vehicle power systems. The AR-50 is fully submersible to IP67 standards and has proven over and over to be an invaluable tool for helping troops to maintain reliable communication even in the worst conditions and harshest environments.

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