Newsletter | June 16, 2020

06.16.20 -- Military Applications | Electronic Warfare | Electronic Countermeasures

Spotlight On Military Applications/Electronic Warfare/Electronc Countermeasures
Overcoming Radar Simulation System Challenges

Custom transmitters and receivers for radar simulation systems enable unique designs and allow designers to meet specifications unattainable using off-the-shelf components.

Reliable And Flexible Simulation Of Angle Of Arrival (AoA)

This white paper presents a solution from Rohde & Schwarz designed to meet the challenges associated with simulating the AoA of radar signals.

What Is Pulse Shaping?

In this industry briefing, George Bollendorf explains a new approach to fix fidelity issues caused by the transmitting amplifier that matches input pulse signal shape, minimizes droop, overshoot, ringing, rise, and fall times.

Electronic Warfare (EW) Capabilities

Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) offers a collection of vertically integrated product lines for the global electronic warfare (EW), electronic counter measures (ECM), and improvised explosive device (IED) markets. 

RLC Electronics Product Catalog

RLC Electronics is a designer and manufacturer of high-quality, state-of-the-art coaxial switches, band-pass filters, precision attenuators, and other transmission line components for the microwave industry. Click the download button below to view RLC's full product catalog.

The Importance Of Filters In Point-To-Point Microwave Cellular Backhaul Networks

To satisfy backhaul demand and maintain high data rates without holes in coverage, wireless carriers are adding large numbers of micro and pico cells to fill in the gaps in conjunction with traditional macro cells. 

Advanced Radar Analysis Tools For Measuring Modern Radars

In this application note, Tektronix discusses how its portfolio of test equipment reduces testing uncertainty in the design process and delivers confidence in the integrity of increasingly complex radar designs.

Extending The Range Of A Low-Power UAV Radio

Low-power UAV radio systems, though designed for short distance communications, can be an inexpensive and reliable means of communications over greater distances — especially when the application is small UAS platforms.

Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) E-Book

This SOSA e-book holds a compilation of technical articles regarding the Sensor Open Standards Architecture (SOSA). SOSA is chartered with creating a common framework for transitioning sensor systems to an open-systems architecture. 

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Featured Multimedia
Benefits Of GaN Technology For Electronic Warfare And Radar Applications

This webinar addresses how GaN components are influencing radar and EW designs and how best to leverage the technology in the RF and microwave industry.

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Microwave Products For EW Radar Applications

CPI Beverly Microwave Division provides the industry proven design techniques and engineering expertise, to meet the rigid and dependable standards of electronic warfare products.

Featured Products And Services
High-Power RF Amplifiers For Communications Applications

Corry Micronics offers a series of high-power RF amplifiers operating in frequencies ranging from 869 GHz to 2170 GH, and with nominal output power of 32 W or 45 W. Signal types include GSM, LTE, and UMTS models. Control and monitoring features are available.

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Corry Micronics, Inc.
10 To 46 GHz Directional Coupler With 10 dB Coupling

KRYTAR’s Model 510046010 is a directional coupler designed for system applications where external leveling, precise monitoring, signal mixing, or swept transmission and reflection measurements are required. This device operates in the frequency range of 10.0 to 46.0 GHz and offers nominal coupling of 10 dB in a compact package.

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Mini-SMT RSMT Series SMT Resistors

Mini-SMT thin film resistors offer maximum benefits in ohmic value ranges from -.5 Ω through 500 MΩ, T.C.R.s to ±5 ppm/°C, and absolute tolerances to 0.05 percent. Available in 0505, 0805, and 1206 sizes, these resistors provide proven thin film performance in a surface-mount solderable style

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Mini-Systems, Inc.
0.1 To 6.0 GHz, High-Isolation SPDT Absorptive Switch

The SKY13286-359LF is a GaAs pHEMT FET, single-pole, double throw (SPDT) absorptive switch that operates in the 0.1 to 6.0 GHz frequency range and is ideal for wireless local loops; GSM, PCS, and WCVMA base stations; and 2.4 and 5.8 GHz ISM devices.

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Shielding Effectiveness Antenna Kit: 1 KHz To 18 GHz

These shielding effectiveness kits are a portable and economical approach to having all the antennas required for most shielding effectiveness testing.

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A.H. Systems
50-Watts PEP, 30 To 512 MHz, Tx/Rx Booster Amplifier

The Model AR-50 is a portable, lightweight, fully automatic band-switching RF booster amplifier for multiband VHF/UHF tactical radio equipment employing legacy, proprietary, and emerging waveforms. The amplifier covers the frequency band of 30 to 512 MHz using six high-speed auto-switching filters to assure harmonic suppression and is SINCGARS, HAVEQUICK, and ECCM compatible.

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AR Modular RF