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RF Globalnet
Medical Radar: Coming Soon To A Hospital Near You?
By Paul Kruczkowski, Editor
By Paul Kruczkowski, Editor When I hear the words “radar technology,” I tend to think about military target or threat identification, air traffic control, marine navigation, weather monitoring, or even the new automotive accident avoidance systems. Using radar for medical diagnostics, however, was not an association I would make — until recently.
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JFW's "NEW 50BA- Series"

The 50BA- series from JFW Industries is an all-new line of variable attenuator systems. These plug-and-play modules come complete with Ethernet/RS-232 interfaces as well as manual control (via Momentary Lever Actuator Switches with 7-segment digital display). The 50BAs are available with one or two channels of attenuation (0-63dB or 0-95dB in 1dB steps) and operate from .2-6 GHz. Custom designs are also available.

Click here to download spec sheets and watch the video demo.

Most Popular Articles

5 Amplifier Families: Basic Characteristics
The amplifier is one of the most versatile building blocks used in RF/IF signal chains today. Throughout a transceiver RF amplifiers are required to increase signal strength. In the receiver these devices amplify faint incoming signals, and in the transmitter they increase signal strength as it approaches the final power amplifier stages. Read more.

Basics Of SAW Filters
The simplest type of SAW filter consists of two interdigital transducers (IDTs) on a piezoelectric substrate. The latter is a plate of crystalline material such as quartz. The term ‘piezoelectric’ means that the material has a basic mechanism which couples electrical and mechanical fields. Consequently, an acoustic wave such as a SAW in general will have an associated electric field in such a material. Read more.

Tutorial: High-Linearity/High-IP3 RF And Microwave Mixers
This tutorial by Marki Microwave Inc. offers information on the T3 (two-tone-terminator) High-Linearity/IP3 Mixer and how it compares to traditional double-balanced mixers from a performance standpoint. The Two Tone Terminator line of mixers has the world's best two-tone intermodulation and spurious performance. Read more.

Most Popular News
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