Material For RF And High Frequency Printed Circuit Boards: GenClad 280 Bond-Ply

Source: Arlon Materials for Electronics

Arlon Materials for Electronics announces the introduction of GenClad 280 bond-ply, a proprietary woven fiberglass reinforced, ceramic-filled composite material engineered for optimal cost/performance efficiency in multilayer RF and high frequency printed circuit boards. Combining a non-polar thermoset resin system with controlled-expansion ceramic filler and a low-loss thermoplastic material, GenClad offers next generation electrical performance that matches the electrical performance of traditional PTFE laminate systems, but offers designers the ability to use cost-effective multilayer designs.

GenClad 280 is engineered for use in bonding dissimilar and hard to bond materials in multilayer PCB structures, particularly in high speed and microwave applications. Compatible with PTFE laminate materials, GenClad 280 prepreg processes in conventional FR-4 lamination cycles, yet offers a unique combination of properties for high speed, high frequency multilayer applications:

  • Low dielectric constant and loss (2.8/0.002 at 10 GHz)
  • Low water absorption (0.04%)
  • Stable dielectric constant over frequency and temperature
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of PTFE and other RF/microwave cores
  • High Decomposition Temperature (443oC) and T288 (>>60 sec) for lead-free solder compatibility
  • Low Z-direction CTE (45-50 ppm/oC) for enhanced PTH reliability
  • ROHS Compliant

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