Newsletter | April 3, 2021

04.03.21 -- March's Most Popular Articles & News

Most Popular Articles
The Future Of Satellite Communication Design: Four RF Technology Trends You Need To Know

This article explores four RF design trends that Knowles Capacitors identified based on 40 years of expertise in the RF industry that are helping satcom design engineers meet the demands of the many industries relying on their devices today.

4 Reasons To Get A Bilogical Antenna First For Device Testing

As more products use electronics and wireless, a bilogical antenna is the best first investment for internal RF testing.

Combining RF Signals And DC Power Onto A Single Coax Cable With The AR-RBT

The AR-RBT is a tactical low-loss bias tee designed to combine RF signals and DC power into a single coax cable for use in harsh environments. Its use eliminates the need to run additional cabling to the top of an antenna mast, reducing-weight and complexity from base station deployments. 

Most Popular News
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