News | March 3, 2014

MACOM Extends X-Band Leadership With High Power Switch In HMIC Silicon PIN Diode Technology

20W Pin-diode monolithic terminated switch is ideal for high power applications

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. (“MACOM”) a leading supplier of high performance analog RF, microwave, and millimeter wave products, recently announced a new 20 W Pin-diode switch suited for high power X-Band applications.

The MASW-010647 is a monolithic, terminated Silicon PIN diode SPDT switch designed for X-Band high power, high performance applications. The switch handles greater than 20W of CW power over the 8.0-10.5 GHz frequency band. The device is an innovative solution which offers customers low insertion loss of 0.8 dB as well as high isolation performance of 37 dB for their high power applications. The MASW-010647 integrates a bias network to allow for simplified bias application and switch control. The device is also fabricated using MACOM’s patented HMIC process, which allows for the integration of silicon pedestals that embed series and shunt diodes in low loss, low dispersion glass. This very small chip-scale solution benefits customers by smaller size, lower number of components, and improved yield and repeatability.

“The MASW-010647 has been designed for customers who require a small-size, integrated solution with high power handling in conjuction with low insertion loss” said Paul Beasly, Product Manager, Aerospace & Defense. “The combination of integrated bias networks +/-5V operation, and excellent performance at 20 W of CW power, makes this device an excellent candidate for high power applications such as X-Band radar.”

The table below outlines typical performance:

Parameter Units MASW-010647
Frequency Range(RF)  GHz 8.0-10.5 
Insertion Loss dB 0.8
Input to Output Isolation  dB 37
Input Return Loss  dB 24
Return Loss (Termination) dB 18
Max. CW RF Transmit Power W 20 

Production quantities and samples of MASW-010647 are available from stock. Final datasheets and additional product information can be obtained from the MACOM website.


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SOURCE: M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc.