News | August 14, 2012

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Announces New High Voltage CMOS Driver For PIN Diodes

Source: MACOM
7x7-16 lead PQFN

CMOS Driver Exhibits High Voltage and Current Bias in an Industry Leading Small Size 

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. (M/A-COM Tech), a leading supplier of high performance analog semiconductor solutions, introduced recently a new High Voltage CMOS Driver for PIN diodes for use in military and commercial radio applications. The MADR-010574 is designed to work with M/A-COM Tech’s high power and high voltage PIN diodes. This driver supports series-shunt and all-series diode designs by biasing four diodes simultaneously. The back bias voltage is configurable from 20 V to 250 V, while the forward biasing current is configurable up to 200 mA. High voltage level shifters are integrated so that it can be easily controlled by 3 V or 5 V CMOS logic.

While consuming low quiescent current, the MADR-010574 has a typical delay of less than 8 µs. If needed, the switching speed can be further improved by consuming more quiescent power. The driver is packaged in a lead free 7 mm 16-Lead QFN package and is available in tape and reel packaging for high volume applications.

"The MADR-010574 will set an industry standard in terms of versatility, functionality and size" said Scott Vasquez, Product Manager. "This device outperforms the competition and saves inches of board space on space challenged applications such as military and commercial radios. In addition, the applications for this driver are numerous and can be used in any environment that requires high voltage and current bias for PIN diodes." 

The table below outlines typical performance:      






Nominal VCC =3.3V
Nominal VCC =5.0V


Series 1/Series 2 Sinking Current

mA (@25°C)










7mm 16-Lead QFN

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Source: M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc.