Lower Cost Amplifiers

Source: API Technologies Corp

Lower Cost Amplifiers

API offers a variety of package options for their Amplifier line, including their Lower Cost (non-hermetic) surface-mount package. This package option not only helps keep costs down, but on higher power requirements the transistor is bonded right to the Aluminum Nitride heat spreader for cooler operating temperature.

Low cost amplifier product features:

  • Reduced Costs
  • Wide Variety
  • Custom Designs
  • Superior Heat Transfer

This line of amplifiers retains attributes, such as higher power requirements with the transistor bonded right to the aluminum nitride heat spreader, for cooler operating temperatures, while keeping costs low

  • Packaged in tape & reel for pick and place applications.
  • Completely automated assembly.
  • Manufactured in our Juarez, Mexico Facility.
  • Medium Power (P1dB < ½ watt) designs.

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