Low Phase Noise OCXO: YH1485

Source: Greenray Industries, Inc.

Oven Controlled Oscillator (OCXO): YH1485

The YH1485 is an oven controlled oscillator (OCXO) that is designed with electronic frequency control (EFC) for precise tuning or phase locking applications. The YH1485 is available from 10 to 120 MHz with +10 dBm sinewave output, and features low phase noise down to -180dBc/Hz.

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Available with low acceleration sensitivity down to < 3 x 10-10/g, the OCXO YH1485 is equipped for better performance during shock and vibration. Other uses for this oscillator include wireless, wired telephony, aerospace, military, satellite, and other communications applications.

For additional features and specifications regarding the new OCXO YH1485, download the datasheet.

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