Low-G Sensitivity OCXO for Radar, SATCOM, and Portable Instrumentation: XO5500 Series

Source: MtronPTI

Low-G Sensitivity OCXO for Radar, SATCOM, and Portable Instrumentation: XO5500 Series

Whether flying at 40,000’ watching videos online or at 500’ watching over-the-hill radar, it’s the picture that counts not the display. And vibration from rotary wing engines, weapons fire or simple high altitude turbulence can blur radar images or cause satellite links to loose lock breaking your focus.

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In communications and radar applications, reliability comes first. The link must stay up, the picture must be clear even when conditions are less than ideal. Radars and satellite tuners use high performance crystal oscillators to keep frequencies exact for clear pictures and good channel lock but it’s often a difficult tradeoff of performance vs. size, weight and power when flying, or achieving ultimate noise performance when looking for small slow moving targets from shaking mobile platforms.

MtronPTI’s new XO5501 series is a 10 MHz Reference Oscillator offers a low 0.2 ppb/g (2e-10/g) g-sensitivity spec on any axis and low phase noise under vibration. The sine wave output XO5501 is available today, specified to ±160 ppb aging over twenty years and with ±3 ppm voltage tuning. The XO5501 is packaged in a sealed, 0.8" x 0.975" x 0.52" case running on +12 volts and consuming about 3 Watts. Special frequency and supply requests are welcome. For more information, download the one sheet.

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