Linear Power Amplifiers for LTE and WCDMA Applications

Source: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Linear Power Amplifiers for LTE and WCDMA Applications

This page provides an overview of linear power amplifiers ideal for use in LTE and WCDMA applications.

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These linear power dividers cover various frequency ranges and have been designed to meet stringent spectral linearity requirements typically associated with femtocell applications with high power-added efficiency. These amplifiers are small and feature a low current consumption and do not require an external coupler. Access the datasheets through the links listed below to see if they’re a fit for your next application involving small cells, residential femtocells, WCDMA, or Bands I, II, V, VI, XVIII, XIX, XXVI, and XVIII.

2100-2200 MHz Linear Power Amplifier: SKY66001-11

1900-2025 MHz Linear Power Amplifier: SKY66002-11

850-920 MHz Linear Power Amplifier: SKY66005-11

900-990 MHz Linear Power Amplifier: SKY66008-11

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