LED Camera Flash Drivers

Source: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

LED Camera Flash Drivers

Skyworks offers highly efficient and highly accurate LED camera flash drivers for applications involving LED flash lights, smartphones, tablets, digital still and video cameras, and white LED drivers. They’re designed to enable longer battery life and to provide enhanced picture quality.

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LED camera flash drivers by Skyworks are ideal for any camera flash application that requires low noise, low profile, high image quality, and system safety. Several different models are available in this family – from low current charge pump based architectures all the way to high current, synchronous inductive boost solutions to super capacitor-based products.

Each flash driver has an operating temperature on -40oC to +85oC. Additionally, each model in the series utilizes GPIO control with either an I2C serial digital input (standard), a patented single wire serial interface, or a serial digital interface are also available in order to manage flash events and configure flash driver settings.

For additional information on the series, its specifications, and available models, download the datasheet. You can also contact Skyworks directly for more information.

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