100 W, L-Band And S-Band Solid State Power Amplifier: NuPower™ LS100A01

Source: NuWaves Engineering

L-Band And S-Band Solid State Power Amplifier: NuPower™ LS100A01

The NuPower™ LS100A01 from NuWaves is a small, highly efficient, 100 W solid state power amplifier (PA) operating in the 1.6 GHz – 2.5 GHz frequency range for aerospace, military, satellite, telecommunication, and electronic warfare applications. It features an aluminum chassis with improved heat dissipation characteristics for higher-temperature operation.

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The NuPower™ LS100A01 requires a supply voltage form 26 to 32 Vdc and consumes up to 12 A of current. With a module size of 6.5 x 4.5 x 1.0 inches and SMA female connectors, this power amplifier is small enough for integration into a wide variety of air or ground based tactical, test, and training platforms.

For more features, specifications, and operational parameters, download the available datasheet.

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