Datasheet | June 4, 2013

KAW5050 High Power Transceiver Amplifier

Source: AR Modular RF

The Model KAW5050 is a Class AB wideband RF power amplifier system delivering up to 1000 Watts PEP power into a 50-Ohm load over the frequency range of 225 MHz to 400 MHz.

The system features forward and reflected power indication on a front panel-mounted, LED meter; Automatic Level Control (ALC); overdrive protection; full VSWR protection; input blanking, and over-temperature protection. On the basic model these features, plus remote power on/off control, are accessible for hard-wire remote operation through a 15-pin, D-subminiature connector. Additionally Ethernet is available for remote control.

The system comprises a Power Amplifier, controller sub-system and AC Power Supply Unit. This unit mounts into a standard, 19-inch equipment rack. The units are designed to be installed on optional telescoping slides. The system operates from single or three phase supplies 96-265 VAC, 47-400 Hz via a configurable AC interface plug. System is capable of operation from any two of the three power supply units. The system is configured to provide a switchable Transmit and Receive paths using a coaxial relay controller.