Ka-Band Silicon Transceiver Quad Core IC: AWMF-0108

Source: Anokiwave

Ka-Band Silicon Transceiver Quad Core IC: AWMF-0108

Anokiwave presents the AWMF-0108 highly integrated silicon quad core chip that is designed specifically for 5G phased array applications. This device functions within the 27.5 – 30 GHz frequency range, and operates in half duplex fashion, which enables a single antenna to support both Tx and Rx operation by supporting four Tx/Rx radiating elements.

The AWMF-0108 holds all requisite beam steering controls for 5 bit phase and gain control, has 26 dB gain and +9 dBm output power during transmit mode, and features 31 dB coherent gain, 4.0 dB NF, and -23 dBm IIP3 during receive mode. The transceiver also features gain compensation over temperature, temperature reporting, Tx power telemetry, and fast beam switching using eight on-chip beam weight storage registers. This device has ESD protection on all pins, and is housed in a 48 lead 6x6 mm PQFN package for easy installation in planar phased array antennas.

For more features and operating parameters, download the datasheet.