Ka-band Integrated Transmitter Assembly: Model SCU-27012720-01

Source: Ducommun Inc.


Model SCU-27012720-01 is an Integrated Transmitter Assembly (ITA) designed for a Ka band communication system with a target data rate of 1 Mbps to 50 Mbps for nanosatellite spaceflight use. It is essentially a single-side-band (SSB) up-converter, which up-converts a QPSK modulated 1000 MHz IF signal on the top of an internal 25.8 GHz local oscillator signal and then send the 26.8 GHz RF signal to an external circular horn antenna after amplifying it to half watt level. This ITA is to provide a pure-spectrum up-converted USB signal and an up to 27 dBm linear operation range.

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  • Highly integrated compact module
  • High conversion efficiency & quality spectrum
  • Rugged design

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