K-Band Fiber Optic Link with Integrated AGC/MGC

Source: Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.


The OFW-7900 Series of K-Band RF Fiber Optic equipment provides “Best of Breed” optical long-haul transmission of RF signals in the frequency range of 18 to 45 GHz. The Subsystem can support the transmission of high density radio communications traffic over distances of up to 50 km using singlemode optical fibers.

The OFW-7900 utilizies a leading edge optical conversion process that is transparent to the User’s data modulation rate and format. The Subsystem offers many performance advantages including an High Spur Free Dynamic Range, Slope Equalization, Embedded Fault & Alarm Status Monitoring over Ethernet, and Harsh Environtmental Operational Temperature Range.

In addition, the OFW-7900 supports a list optional features that enhance terminal operations such as Uplink / 10 MHz RF Frequency Diplexed Transport, Downlink LNB powering, RF Link Gain Control, Optical Dynamic Range > 6 dBo, and user selectable modes for Manual or Automatic Gain Control with dynamic thresholding capability.