Newsletter | July 31, 2019

07.31.19 -- July's Most Popular Articles & News

Most Popular Editorial
5G Core Network – Architecture, Network Functions, And Interworking
By Marcin Dryjanski, Grandmetric

This article is dedicated to describing the main components of the 5G Core Network — as defined by the 3GPP — including an overview of the architecture, a description of the key individual network functions, and an example of 5G interworking with LTE.

Most Popular Articles
Receiver Protector: Theory Of Operation
By Richard Bilotta, Communications & Power Industries, Beverly Microwave Division

This article presents the reader with a basic understanding of receiver protector technology and discusses the various available types of receiver protector forms, their strengths and weaknesses, and how best to use them.

VSWR Explained
By A.H. Systems

This white paper offers a brief overview on the history of VSWR, as well as an introduction on short-circuit and open-circuit termination and the creation of standing waves.

How To Keep Noise Out Of RF Circuit Power Supplies
By Mike Trimble, NuWaves Engineering

RF circuits generating radio frequency signals are very sensitive to power supply noise, which can significantly degrade the performance of a system if not controlled. This article describes potential sources of noise and addresses different techniques for handling them.

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