IP Network Consultation

Source: NTT Advanced Technology Corporation

IP Network Consultation

NTT-AT offers consultation services on network design, network assessment, network operation, and network optimization for telecom carriers across the globe. Their experience stems from being a subsidiary of the NTT Group – one of the world’s largest telecom carriers in existence today and a forefront in R&D for the telecommunications field.

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NTT-AT is poised to assess service providing networks in order to identify potential issues that could affect performance or prevent major issues. They can also assist in emergency situations or in disaster recovery.

They’re experts in core technology network design. This includes traffic estimation, resource planning and management, and measuring and improving overall user experience. Regardless of the type of consultation you need for your network, once the analysis is over, concrete and practical solutions will be recommended to fix or optimize network operation and service.

For additional information on consultation areas and examples of consultation packages, download the datasheet.