Improve Military Booster Amplifier Performance with Remote Bias-T


AR Modular RF offers a line of booster amplifiers specifically designed for military and defense related applications. In order to further improve on the performance and reliability of these systems, they’ve developed the AR-RBT Remote Bias-T.

The AR-RBT Remote Bias-T eliminates the need to transport copper DC power line to remote military booster amplifiers because it combines the RF signals and DC power into one single coaxial cable. This means that the operator can locate the amplifier remotely, improve its output power by reducing line loss, and increase the overall performance of the LNA at the antenna.

Because it’s used in conjunction with military booster amplifiers, the AR-RBT has been designed to withstand rugged and hostile environments. Its aluminum enclosure meets IP67 stands and can handle up to 1000V-voltage spikes.

Contact AR Modular RF for more information on the AR-RBT Remote Bias-T. For more information on their booster amplifiers for military applications, click on the part numbers below.