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01.12.23 -- Identifying And Reducing Phase Noise

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Spotlight On RF/Microwave Software & Design
XFdtd Analysis Of A Ku-Band Satellite Antenna Array For Mobile Devices

In this example, a satellite antenna originally designed for X-band operation is modified to reduce the overall size, allowing it to fit on a mobile device.

MmWave Radar Applications And Advantages

In most physical systems, sensors are used to aid in intelligent decision-making. Millimeter-wave radar (mmWave radar) is a type of sensor that is often used in automotive, industrial, civil, and meteorological systems.

Understanding EVM

Error vector magnitude (EVM) is the most common numerical measure of modulation quality and is calculated by determining the magnitude of a vector connecting the ideal and received vector endpoints.

A Solution To Mission Critical Communications

This article discusses the ADRV9001 — part of a highly agile, user-configurable, new generation SDR IC transceiver family — and its ability to provide scalable power and performance for satellite, military, land mobile, utility infrastructure, and cellular mission critical communications.

Industry Insights
Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Enables Smart Factory Of The Future

Micro-location is essential to digitalizing industrial operations. UWB technology’s centimeter-scale precision has enabled location and communications unmatched by previous technologies.

Diode Chips, Beam-Lead Diodes, And Capacitors: Bonding Methods And Packaging

Learn how to handle, attach, and care for Skyworks' diode chips, beam-lead diodes, and capacitors with this application note. These directions will enable you to package and unpack chips, including suggestions of equipment needed for best practice usage. 

SZG: Where High Power And High Frequency Join Forces

The SZG-style resistor gives us a better frequency response than components with the same footprint with thermal properties equivalent to the same size package.

Lumped Element Filter: A Compact, Low-Frequency Filtering Option

We explore the basics of lumped element filter design, its characteristics, and how we can push filter design limits to develop a wide variety of high-performance, low-frequency filtering options.

Most Popular News
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SDR Techniques To Handle Complex And Jam-Packed Spectral Landscapes

This Military & Aerospace Electronics webinar covers SDR basics and advantages, radio frequency spectrum allocation, multiplexing techniques, sector beamforming, RFSoC latest technology, and more.

Featured Products And Resources
RF Noise Generators: NGX1000

The Boonton NGX1000 programmable noise generator is a high-performance, broadband additive white gaussian noise (AWGN) generator in an easy-to-use compact form factor.

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Wireless Telecom Group
Wideband 8X1 LC Handover System: 50PA-1205
The 50PA-1205 is a new specially-designed test system from JFW that can connect up to eight mobile devices and one AP/base station for radio-to-radio and handover testing. Operating from 30 – 6,000 MHz, it features high-isolation connectivity between radios and low-loss paths from radio to base station.
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JFW Industries, Inc.
Directional Coupler: Model 101065016
Krytar’s Model 101065016 enhances the selection of multipurpose stripline designs that exhibit excellent coupling over an ultra-broadband frequency range of 1.0 to 65 GHz in a single compact and lightweight package.
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Comprehensive EMC Test Software: emcware 6.0
The AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation emcware 6.0 is a comprehensive EMC test software for radiated susceptibility, conducted immunity, radiated emissions, and conducted emissions. The emcware provides automated electromagnetic ompatibility (EMC) testing and report generation for all types of EMC test laboratories.
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