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02.27.20 -- How To Speak Radar | Week In 5G

From The Editor
The Week in 5G: 2/25/2020 — U.S.’ First 5G Healthcare Lab; New 5G Products from Intel, Huawei, and RealMe
By Ed Biller

Plus, Thailand launches 5G, Corning and Qualcomm team up, KDDI and Ericsson ink a deal, and more, all in this edition of the Week in 5G!

Featured Article
How To Speak Radar: Basic Fundamentals And Applications
By Arnold E. Acker, Communications & Power Industries (CPI)

The evolution of radar has grown steadily over the decades to its present level that employs sophisticated computerized techniques, which has stimulated the development of increasingly complex components. This white paper provides a basic introduction to radar technologies and to the application of radar equipment.

Spotlight On Radar Technology
Beamforming And Radar
Handbook | By Rodger Hosking, Pentek, Inc.

OpenVPX presents a formal, well-organized system for defining all components in VPX systems. Numerous "profiles" for boards, slots, and backplanes that detail specific configurations of channels, interconnections, and fabrics are explained in this handbook. 

Radar Waveforms For A&D And Automotive Radar
White Paper | Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

This white paper provides a more detailed view on radar waveforms for Aerospace and Defense and commercial radar systems. Waveforms such as pulse and pulse-Doppler signal, continuous wave and frequency shift keying waveforms are described. 

Using Wavefarer Automotive Radar Simulation Software And Chirp Doppler To Assess Radar Performance For Drive Scenarios
Presentation | Remcom

This presentation demonstrates a new modeling and simulation capability that addresses these challenges, combining ray-tracing and scattering simulations from Remcom’s WaveFarer with chirp Doppler analysis algorithms to assess radar performance for drive scenario simulations.

Benefits Of GaN Technology For Electronic Warfare And Radar Applications
Webinar | Qorvo

This webinar addresses how GaN components are influencing radar and EW designs and how best to leverage the technology in the RF and microwave industry.

Millimeter-Wave Technology Overview
Q&A | By Mike Lee, dB Control

The millimeter-wave (mmWave) technology market is on an upward trend, continuously adapting to new applications. This Q&A covers the basics of mmWave technology and presents what dB Control offers in this market.

Broadband Microwave Components And Test Equipment
Brochure | Krytar

KRYTAR is a leader in ultra-broadband passive microwave components with over 35 years experience, delivering high performance and quality that ensures success for military and commercial applications. We specialize in ultra-broadband components with frequencies ranging from DC to 67 GHz.

Advanced LCP Substrates For HF And Microwave Applications Brochure
Brochure | Micro Systems Technologies

Liquid crystal polymer (LCP) is a superior organic multilayer material for substrates in RF applications with stable electrical and mechanical characteristics across a range of frequencies up to 100 GHz. 

Product Catalog: Electronic Package Division
Catalog | Mini-Systems, Inc.

Mini-Systems, Inc. offers microelectronic package solutions in sizes and configurations for virtually any application. We deliver high-quality products at a competitive price and on time. Our 20+ years of packaging experience allows us to understand your requirements quickly and accurately.

  Small Satellites 2020

April 27 and 28, 2020 | London, United Kingdom

With nations around the world developing their small satellites capability at pace, governments and transnational agencies must manage this changing domain. Small Satellites 2020 will consider best practice, regulatory principals, production, and operational lessons learnt to effectively utilize this revolutionized resource.

Featured Multimedia
Challenges In Upgrading TWTs To The Newest Solid-State GaN Technologies

GaN provides opportunities for solutions with wider bandwidth while reducing the need to replace TWT amplifiers with solid-state amplifiers. Apet Barsegyan from Integra discusses solutions for the challenges in upgrading current TWTs in high-power radar and pulsed applications to the newest solid-state GaN HEMT technologies.

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L-Band, Solid State Power Amplifier
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Low-Pass Filter Family
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Weather Radar Product Solutions
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Solid State Pulsed Amplifiers
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75-Ohm, Solid State RF Switch
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Double-Ridge Guide Horn Antenna
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Model AR-5010 Amplifier
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High-Power Ka Band Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier
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