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03.15.22 -- How To Determine Antenna Calibration Intervals

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What Engineers Need To Know To Achieve An Enhanced eCall Automotive Design

Learn how system designers are approaching designs in automobiles and how new eCall solutions can optimize the overall platform. We also share some RF design expertise and integrated solutions that help meet some of the most demanding product challenges of eCall applications.

Radiation Immunity Of Skyworks Optocouplers

Neutron irradiation at two different neutron fluence levels was performed on our integrated detector optocouplers: OLI300, OLI400, and OLI500. The test showed that these types of optocouplers are tolerant to high radiation levels and are suitable for applications in high radiation environments.

Clever Dumb Antenna: Passive Multibeam Antenna For Broadband Wireless Communication

Multibeam antennas can provide increased wireless capacity with enhanced spectral efficiency. One method to enhance spectral efficiency is to use space division multiple access (SDMA) techniques. 

Managing High-Temperature Electronics Environments Down To The Component Level

As complex electronic systems become more prevalent in our daily lives, the demand for high-temperature, high-reliability components continues to increase. To meet the brief, material and design of these high-temperature components must deviate from today’s standard.

Alternative To Synthesizers: Integrated Stabilized RF Sources

Radar simulation systems must accurately prove whether an electronic warfare (EW) system is ready to perform reliably in the field. Some choose to use a synthesizer, but the better alternative is an integrated stabilized RF source. 

Introduction To RF Matrix Switch Types And Functionality

There are many types of RF matrix switches with configurations that distribute RF signals in very different fashions. This application note describes the functionality of these types of switches, outlines their advantages and disadvantages, and explains how to choose the best switch for each application.

Glass Sidewall Packages Provide Performance For RF Applications

Glass sidewall packages achieve highest levels of hermeticity for hardware in space vacuums and extreme temperatures. Compared to ceramic, they deliver better RF performance thanks to their lower dielectric constant.

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Video: RF & EMC Test Systems By AR
Since 1996, AR has offered complete test systems, including everything from amplifiers, antennas, couplers, signal generators, system controllers, and receivers to software.
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Pentek’s SFF Talon MIL-STD Recorder Used With ELINT Software From Telemus

This video introduces the ELINT Analysis software by using an SFF Talon MIL-STD Recorder from Pentek.

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R&S CMP200 Radio Communication Tester

The R&S CMP200 is an IF tester that combines vector signal analyzer and ARB based generator functionality. The compact integrated solution can be customized with up to three R&S CMPHEAD30 remote radio heads (RRH), for up/downconverting signals to 5G FR2 frequencies.

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Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
Clarity 110 Test Cable
The Clarity 110 test cable boasts steel torque crush and overbend protection with abrasion resistance without compromising flexibility. The cable is ultra-stable through 110 GHz with exceptionally low attenuation. The design includes an ergonomic stainless-steel protective barrel strain relief and a hex coupling nut.
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Times Microwave Systems
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Testing Simulation

Electrostatic discharge testing is utilized worldwide by electronics manufacturers to determine the ESD susceptibility of their devices. It is extremely difficult to estimate the exact cost of ESD loss annually, but it can safely be stated that ESD requires the development and testing of many hardware prototypes and contributes to a high number of warranty claims and loss of consumer confidence if failure occurs in the hands of the customer. Given the high cost in time and materials associated with ESD hardware testing, the ability to simulate the ESD testing process in XFdtd is extremely valuable, allowing engineers to pinpoint locations susceptible to ESD damage and optimize ESD mitigation during the concept and design stage of product development.

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High-Performance Arbitrary Waveform Generator: Model 675

The Model 675 offers premium signal integrity with an easy-to-use and robust touchscreen display interface. The output voltage can be adjusted in amplified mode up to 24 volts. The disruptive and innovative architecture provides unmatched performance, versatile functionality, outstanding usability, and upgradability during the life of the instrument.

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Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation