High-Speed Scanning Direction Finder: R&S®DDF5GTS

Source: Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

High-Speed Scanning Direction Finder: R&S®DDF5GTS

Rohde & Schwarz’s DDF5GTS is a high speed direction finder with outstanding realtime bandwidth (80 MHz), DF scan speed, DF accuracy, sensitivity, and reflection immunity. Its bandwidth and the utilization of three coherent receive channels not only allow for the high speed monitoring of wide frequency ranges, but also a high probability of intercept for bearings of short bursts and fast and elusive transmitters operating at unknown frequencies.

In simple terms, DDF5GTS direction finder is used for the interception and direction finding of signals that exist in dense electromagnetic environments. Its high-speed-scanning  bandwidth isn’t the only factor in doing this successfully – direction finding and frequency location of hopping transmitters can be detected with up to 2000 hops/s, and pulses with a duration of 10µs.

For more information on how it achieves reliable direction-finding results in even in most challenging environments, download the brochure.