High-Power Ka Band Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier: PTX8815

Source: TMD Technologies
High-Power Ka Band Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier: PTX8815

TMD Technologies offers the PTX8815 high-power Ka band Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier (TWTA) comprising a high voltage power supply and matched Coupled Cavity Travelling Wave Tube (CC TWT). This TWTA is designed and manufactured for use in harsh military applications, and to ensure high reliability and ease of maintenance.

The PTX8815 features thermal management, high electrical efficiency, requires minimum cooling, and offers high reliability over a wide temperature range. A control interface allows for remote operation and status monitoring, providing a number of diagnostic outputs for system monitoring purposes. The TWTA is fully tested to agreed Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) before delivery to meet the demands of high-performance radar systems.

For additional features and specifications on the PTX8815, download the datasheet.

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